Month: December 2010

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December 4, 2010 / / Podcasts

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Topics Included:

  • Vote for The Fredcast in the Health/Fitness category in the Podcast Awards.

  • Taichung Bike Week, 5-8th December.

  • Bikes are faster in towns than cars (even share bikes).

    Martin Cassini: “People complain about cyclists ignoring lights, but most cyclists are simply going on opportunity…There’s a common misconception that if you take away the lights people are going to drive fast.  Actually, the opposite is true.  It’s a counter-intuitive idea. It’s the green light that encourages the speed that licenses the aggression.  If you take away the light, and there’s uncertainty at the junction, people naturally approach slowly and filter…A new hierarchy emerges with vulnerable road users at the top.  Pedestrians in the shared space scenario, when there are no lights to dictate behavior, are seen as fellow road users rather than obstacles in the way of the next light.”

  • Newspaper reports WADA unable to confirm Alberto Contador’s tainted beef claim.

  • How resilient is carbon fiber? Shelter Carbon Protection Tape.  Video.

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    Castelli Radiation jacket

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