The Spokesmen 65 – The Joke’s On Us

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4 comments to The Spokesmen 65 – The Joke’s On Us

  • Liz

    I just listened to the latest podcast and had to respond to the Pearl Izumi discussion. Apparently this isn’t the first time Pearl Izumi has taken some heat with their ad campaigns. The running ad controversy seems to have started in 2007 with the Running/Jogging ads.

  • I think their is an obvious link between the cycling market being old white dudes and the risque ads.

    I know the reason I look for used bikes is that you can’t buy a new bike that I want. For my commute I like a fat tire, rigid steel frame. I was using a 1995 Rock Hopper but someone ran into it while it was on the back of my car. You have to get a Surly or Soma Fab or similar and build it up. That can turn out nice but it is much more expensive than a $100 bike off Craigs List. I picked up a Bianchi Osprey and after I decided it was too small found a Trek Mountain Trail and was able to sell the Osprey for a little more than I had paid for it. Moving racks, fenders, handlebars, brakes, levers and seat from my wrecked bike helped control the cost.

  • Paul S

    The background noise is terrible! It is very distracting.

  • Niki Y

    I love to listen to the podcast but often skip it simply because of the poor audio and background noises. This weeks podcast is one of those examples.

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