The Spokesmen 80 – Save The Wales

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2 comments to The Spokesmen 80 – Save The Wales

  • DonB

    Fun show. A quick thought about riding in the heat. It’s good to remember when the air temperature is at or above body temperature (37C/98.6F) the wind will NOT cool you. It will make you even hotter. Add direct sun and humidity and you can severely limit your body to cool, even with plenty of fluids.

  • Todd E.

    I just thought I would drop a line to tell you that I have 3 sons who cycle, or in the case of my youngest (11yo) unicycle, to school almost every day. And have done so for their entire school career. The oldest graduated HS last evening. It has always been common place for our family. D.C.F.S. has not ever visited me. BTW I live right here in Happy valley Utah.

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