The Spokesmen #106 – Belly Of The Beast

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4 comments to The Spokesmen #106 – Belly Of The Beast

  • Gary Owens

    I have only made comment in the past to be critical of some aspect of the podcast. In contrast, I would just like to state that I enjoy the podcast and appreciate the effort that goes into it.

  • Todd Hadden

    Utah Department of Transportation has an app for reporting potholes and other problems on the state highways.
    It also updated it’s traffic app to include bike routes and trails.

    Todd Hadden

  • Todd: Thanks for the info of the UDOT Click n Fix app. I had no idea that existed! I have downloaded it to my iPhone and will definitely use it as I ride and drive around Utah. Thanks! Kudos to UDOT for developing this app.

  • Alan Paterson

    Bizarrely, as I am listening to the Spokesmen discuss the criteria for a sport qualifying for inclusion in the Winter Olympics, I pass iceSheffield, an ice rink complex, to see a pair of ice dancers outside on the field practicing their lifts.

    Such a weird co-incidence. I am trying not to stare as the rules of training in ice or snow are uttered in my ears!

    So no problem for cyclocross then!

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