The Spokesmen #2 – September 4, 2006

The second episode of The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast included David from The FredCast Cycling Podcast, Larry from the crankk Podcast, Carlton from Bike Biz Magazine and Cycling News and Views Podcast, Tim from The Crooked Cog Network & Podcast, and Jeremy from Triathlon Radio Podcast. Among the topics we discussed:

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4 comments to The Spokesmen #2 – September 4, 2006

  • Debby

    Hi there —

    I just finished listening to your podcast with my husband, and we really enjoyed it. You all balance each other out well, and I like the international and inter-cycling (road, mountain, triathalon, etc) views. I do have one suggestion for you, and that is to consider including a woman or women cyclists! Are there any who podcast?I’m very new to the sport myself, but I’ve noticed that on the Fredcast episodes I’ve heard so far, and on these two episodes of the Spokesmen, that there haven’t been any news reports, interviews, or really anything from the perspective of female cyclists. Please consider an occasional chat with one of the Velo Bellas team in CA, Nicole Cook from the UK, Sarah Ulmer of NZ, TEAm Lipton (Kristin “The Other” Armstrong), Kristin Danielson (Tom’s wife), The AIS Women’s Team (Australia), and Eron Chorney, product head of the new Specialized women’s line…Thanks.

  • Debby

    P.S. I just did a search on bloglines and found this:

    I’m going to give her a listen, and I hope you will too. Thanks again.

  • Dirtyfaces

    The October 2nd Podcast that includes a conversation on carbon fiber is pure fear mongering. The entire thing was uninformed crap. A carbon frame or part will stand up to scratches, grind marks, frayed fibers poking out, impacts, cold weather, and fat guys. It sounds like the group of you is so afraid that you would gladly put up with low-tech bikes than ride something cutting edge.

  • Actually, I don’t put up with “low-tech bikes” considering the fact that I ride a Colnago C40 which, as you should know, is a carbon fiber bike.

    David Bernstein
    Host – The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast
    Host – The FredCast Cycling Podcast

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