The Spokesmen #157: the prodigal podcaster

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The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Episode 157

Sunday 23rd April 2017.

HOST: Carlton Reid




Racing news

Michele Scarponi Killed by Inattentive Driver
Michele Scarponi often went on training rides with his parrot
We screwed up, says Specialized over steerer tube race crash

Podcasts: Cyclingtips & the Wheelsuckers podcast

Industry News

Sea Otter is on right now – and Richard picked up a great Joe Breeze story.

Advocacy News

Cycling to work halves disease risk, finds massive new study, so why aren’t US and UK governments prescribing cycling?
Spokesmen listener involved in hit-and-run.

News articles:
Cyclists injured by angry driver
Driver who hit cyclist now in jail
Local cyclists concerned with safety followin hit-and-run
Man who hit cyclist with car denied bond


The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast is sponsored by Jenson USA.


3 comments to The Spokesmen #157: the prodigal podcaster

  • Ed Hidden

    Can you provide links to Carlton’s podcasts

  • Hi Ed

    They were mainly vlogs, and are no longer available on iTunes or similar. Some, if placed on YouTube, can be found on

  • DonB

    I enjoyed hearing David, again. He needs to come back more often.

    Regarding Carlton’s tip, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Very sobering. Just because I run or bike, doesn’t mean I can then sit all day at work without consequence. (But it’s better than not exercising at all.)

    I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but the calf muscles are called the second heart, or the peripheral heart.

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