The Spokesmen #5 – October 17, 2006

The fifth episode of The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast included David from The FredCast Cycling Podcast, Tim from The Crooked Cog Network & Podcast, and Carlton from Bike Biz Magazine and Cycling News and Views Podcast. Among the topics we discussed:

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  1. Bec
    January 10, 2007

    I listened to your podcaste at the end of last year and was dissappointed to hear how uneducated but oppinionated some of the panelist really are. I can’t believe they don’t realise that testosterone can definately have a positive effect if given the day prior and it usually has an extremely short half life therefore would exit the body prior to testing. Old forms of testosterone have an extremely long half life and would only be used in the offseason as they require 6 months to be eliminated and aren’t as safe as the new generation testosterone forms. It would appear Floyd’s system didn’t eliminate the drug quickly enough and he was caught. I would suggest talking to a sports physician and getting the fact correct.

    Also statements about the testing people (people who develop tests) making so much money, unfortunately they don’t earn anywhere near what the cyclists are earning. During the Australian Olympics an injection of funds to improve testing was the first time that money and research was able to be adequately done. On the other hand labs make their money from blood testing for medical reasons and not sports testing. Unfortunately sports testing is not well funded at all and that is why so many drugs go undetected. Labs make money (alot of money) out of normal people having their blood tested not athletes for blood doping.

    The labs, unlike Floyd are unable to defend themselves publically by law not because they choose not to. I really suggest you get an expert to join your panel for this discussion as you are misleading the public about the effect of drugs and the labs position in this argument. Labs handle million’s of people’s blood tests and have no reason to mess with someone’s blood. It is rare to hear of labs getting people’s blood tests wrong and when they do it can be a very expensive affair (It does happen but the rate would be extremely low). But they seem to always mess up Team Phonic but not a majority of the public.

    A sports psych once wrote an article about how athletes convince themselves that they really didn’t drug cheat and they were just keeping up with everyone else. There was a great interview on SBS in Australia with the Canadian 100m sprinter who was caught and he admits to using drugs but still feels he shouldn’t have been caught as he was only using drugs to increase his recovery rate therefore he is innocent.

    Don’t believe Floyd’s website, wait for both sides of the story. Unfortuantely Floyd isn’t a chemist and may not have known the risk he was putting himself at when he applied a testosterone patch.

    I must say I loved this years Tour as the athletes looked real, they were stuffed. Power rates were low and everyone had bad days. This is normal

  2. Chris
    October 31, 2007

    Great improvement on the audio quality on the last show. Keep up the good work!!

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