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Donna Tocci pointed out an article on today in which The Spokesmen podcast is the part of the lead-in to the story.

I guess this means we’ve made the big time — even if the author talks about the show and then spends the rest of the article explaining why one of our group was wrong.

Byron bears the brunt of criticism in the article (Says the author: My experience is diametrically opposed to Byron’s), but I do like it when he says, ‘I enjoy listening to the Spokesmen because there are diverse viewpoints represented, and there’s always something interesting.’

Give it a read and let us know your opinion.


  1. May 26, 2009

    You guys do know that I’m mainly a blog writer, not a journalist. I had two points in writing that Examiner piece. First, my experience is the opposite of Byron’s. He posted a comment saying he’d said his study was “un-scientific”, but in several repeated listenings I was unable to discern that. I’ll give it another go to be fair. My hearing isn’t what it used to be – too many loud bands, guns, and motorcycles.

    But the other point was that I don’t want to see LAB use BFC status as a tool to force cities to implement ‘improvements’ along lines that favor facilities over education. As I said, LAB seems to want better bike lanes while I want better bicyclists. I’d love to prove that a city can be a friendly one for bicyclists without dropping millions of dollars into paint and pavement. But in advocating that approach, I suspect the outcome is already determined. In other words, the BFC game is fixed.

  2. Jay - ohio
    June 12, 2009

    I have to agree with the article. Many of the bike paths and or lanes that are constructed are poorly built and designed and poorly maintained, and are dangerous to ride on. I have also road on some very good ones. I do find that when you are out on the road in area that has bike lanes and or paths that the motorists get angry at you. That can’t understand that the bike path is not designed for someone to ride over 12mph on and becomes dangerous for yourself and others if you do. They also don’t understand that you might actually be riding your bike as trasportation not just for excercise or amusement

  3. June 30, 2009

    Well, i think we should give our focus alll three causes, the bike lanes, bicyclist and drivers, if we build better bike lanes, if we have better bicyclist that are aware of the dangers of the road and if we have more driver that understand that bicyclistare on the road, that they are in the downside not the driver, a bike can do nothing to a car but a car can rool over a bike.

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