The Spokesmen 66 – For Wouter

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2 comments to The Spokesmen 66 – For Wouter

  • DP-San Diego

    Had to skip over the insane sounding comments about risk. Risk isn’t the reason most people race anymore than that’s the reason they ride a bike. Competition is the reason most people race. Risk is a component, but one that is mitigated so people can make a living at racing.

  • Always enjoy the podcast, but especially liked the “Cake, Coffee, & Cycling” segment – especially timely since we’ve recently started a new kind of group ride based on the same idea: the Giro de Piano Caffe`

    The post goes into it in more detail, and includes additional links – especially one to a British magazine article from last year on the topic.

    From our “Mission Statement”:
    In the great tradition of a racer’s “easy” day, these rides will be on the longer side – to get some miles in – but the pace will be decidedly easy. Zone 1/2, no more than 15 mph avg (“piano” as the Italians say). Also, in the same tradition, a stop at a roadside cafe will often be included along the way.

    If you want a hammerfest, there are a lot of other group rides that’ll be happy to oblige. But if you want a nice, base-building/recovery ride that’s a lot more social, then this ride is for you.

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