Motorized Doping Video

On yesterday’s episode of The Spokesmen, we discussed the topic of motorized doping. For the most part, we dismissed the reports and focused on the Gruber Assist device.

As Carlton’s subsequent Bike Biz story and the following YouTube video point out, this matter quite obviously requires additional scrutiny.

5 comments to Motorized Doping Video

  • Darn… My initial response to the story was to brush it off as ridiculous. This video is pretty compelling, though, and makes me feel pretty queasy. My husband and I were so impressed with Cancellara in those two races, and you don’t want to think the guy could have been cheating. Argh…..

  • Steve

    I’m with you Rachel, I just listened to the podcast and then came here to see the so called “evidence” thinking its all ridiculous. I really don’t want to see something thats not there, but wow. It walks like a duck, swims like a duck, now if we can just get someone on the inside to quack on this.
    I’ve seen images of this engine, but had no idea how easy it was to install and conceal.

  • Grant

    Is this the next phase of cheating we are going to see? The acceleration was substantial in both cases. Why as a sport lover do I continually feel let down by cycling. Go Cadel!

  • Guys – I was same as everyone here. C’mon… whatever…. but Holy Perpetual Motion Batman!

    The break-away on the cobbies in Flanders is unreal. He’s in the saddle and the guy behind him is out and cranking hard (i.e. not fading). I’ve never seen anything like that.

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