The Spokesmen 52 – The Bad Cow Show


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3 comments to The Spokesmen 52 – The Bad Cow Show

  • Drew

    Gentlemen, I became a fan during the hiatus and, no joke, listened to every episode. You have no idea how good it is to hear new material. Thanks for your time!

  • Lee

    Great to have you back guys… my fav cycling show by far :o)

    As for Contador testing positive; it raises a very important question about how much the UCI can be trusted with high profile doping cases. Keeping in mind the Landis allegations about the UCI covering up Lance’s positive, their ‘secretive’ behaviour towards Contador seems even more suspicious. In all honesty I am wondering if the UCI would have ever released the information had it not been leaked.

  • Thanks for your patience, Drew!

    Gentlemen? Where?

    Hey, and you’ll be happy to know David has hatched a plan to make sure the shows come out every two weeks.

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