The Spokesmen 57 – The Fairy Tale of Vail

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6 comments to The Spokesmen 57 – The Fairy Tale of Vail

  • Paul

    Your URL for downloading Show 57 defaults to loading only Show 55 (

    Is there a a way to get this updated?


  • Paul

    Thanks David.

    You and the rest of the Spokesmen are great to listen too.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  • Darrell Kane

    I just listened to The Spokesmen podcast (ep. 57 I believe but it could be 56) where they were discussing carbon bikes. It seems by the tone of the chat that you can only expect to get up to to 5 years out of a carbon bike, which surprised me. I am research for my next bike (been biking for 18 months and currently have a Allez Triple from Specialized). Can you suggestion any unbiased website we I can get honest information on frame material. I thought I was going to go carbon but I want to get more then 5 years out of the bike so maybe I should look at other materials.

  • Brent Strange

    Quick question that is unrelated to the show – Do you have any cycling tips for a trip to San Diego? My wife and I will be in San Diego for a conference and have some time free to explore. We are not renting a car but thought about renting bikes.

    Thanks for podcast!

  • Paul


    First of all, thanks to you and fellow Spokesmen.

    I’ve been a loyal listener since it’s inception (as well as your Fredcast podcast).

    This past episode (57) was really great!

    Kudos to Carlton, Neil, Rich, & Jim.

    Thanks again.

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