Two Spokesmen in Edinburgh

David went to Edinburgh to see his daughter perform at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Carlton and his wife came up to see the show and enjoy a lovely lunch with David and his family. Here’s proof:

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  • Andy

    Come on guys…….a THREE WEEK GAP???!!! – I’m getting withdrawls here!!!! 🙁 – LOL 😀
    Hope you are all well and looking forward to the next podcast as always. Andy, Newbury UK [Gimme a shout-out – as the one who keeps bugging you when there’s a two week plus gap 😉 ]

  • Andy (and everyone else),

    Our apologies about the gap. We have tried to schedule the show several times but have run into a bunch of road blocks. Such as:

    I’ve been out of the country and then came down with a bout of the stomach flu.

    Carlton has been on holiday.

    Donna and Tim have been getting ready for Interbike.

    Joe, Tim Grahl, and Elden from (our newest Spokesmen) have all been ready, willing and able to do a show.

    We’ll be back very soon.

    We promise!


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