The Spokesmen LIVE in Las Vegas

All of the regular contributors to The Spokesmen will be in Las Vegas next week for Interbike, the industry’s North American trade show. As part of our coverage of the show, we have been invited to utilize the Interbike Media Center and Television Studio for a one-hour LIVE episode of The Spokesmen.

This live episode will feature not only our regular contributors, but also some of your favorite cycling bloggers. We will be recording the show in audio and video and making it available to you here and in the iTunes feed.

If you have any bloggers you’d like us to invite, topics you’d like us to cover, or questions you’d like us to ask, please add your comments to this post.

2 comments to The Spokesmen LIVE in Las Vegas

  • If you have the time, I’d love to see you involved one of the guys from – RL Policar, Moe, whoever from the blog is there – to talk for a while about what he’s seeing that the commuter set might like.

  • Drew

    I would like to hear a review of the Olympics if you have the time, including some of the best ways to keep up with what is going on, as the cycling will little if any coverage on the networks…Thanks, Drew in NJ

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