The Spokesmen 68 – Bombastic Statements

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6 comments to The Spokesmen 68 – Bombastic Statements

  • tom Lampman

    Your discussion couldn’t have been more insightful. It reminds me of the old emo phillips quote: when I was young, I prayed that God would get me a bicycle. But when I got older, I realized God didn’t work that way. So I stole one and asked him to forgive me!” Perhaps you should have David Millar on your podcast for a real examination of the issue.
    Cheers, Tom the Canadian

  • Drew

    Great show as always, gentlemen.

    One thing needs mentioned, and it’s not criticism, but sentimentality: I miss manic-to-avoid-falling-asleep Tim Jackson and his high energy contributions.

  • Simon Johnson

    Great show as always. Seems like doping is the dominating topic of discussion. But that’s ok, its a very, very interesting topic and I love hearing the different opinions from the panelists.

    I’d like to pass a link from another podcast (The Flammecast) that featured Jonathan Vaughters of Garmin-Cervelo.

    It is quite honestly the most refreshing interview on the topic of doping I’ve ever heard. His approach to the way he runs is team is brilliant. This interview is a must listen for all who are slightly jaded by the state of the pro peloton.

  • Dave

    Just listened to the podcast and while I agree with a lot of what is being said, I wanted to make a comment. Neil mentioned that he didn’t buy the argument that Tyler and Floyd were motivated by selling books. Neil made the argument that, as a cyclist author himself, the chance of getting “rich” from writing a book was miniscule. What he fails to take into consideration is that while he may not be a household name, Tyler and Floyd are much more well-known and due to their success in the TDF and the nature of the allegations against Lance (whether true or false) are guaranteed to make them more relevant to the public at large than any “average” cycling author. While I don’t think that Lance raced clean, it is despite, not because of Tyler and Floyd’s admissions.

  • Andy

    11th of June was a while ago…..certainly over 2 weeks 😉
    Tut tut – we appear to have slippage…!!!!
    I’m sure you’ll be forgiven – Just get a new show up SOON 🙂

  • It’s true, Andy. We actually recorded a show last week, but I’ve been moving so fast and traveling so much that I haven’t produced it yet. I promise to get it done today!

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