The Spokesmen #98 – Bunching and Chafing

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6 comments to The Spokesmen #98 – Bunching and Chafing

  • DonB

    Good show. Two quick comments:

    If baseball wants to keep the long ball excitement without the drugs, all they have to do is move the fences in. Cycling (racing) could do the same, metaphorically. Shorten the courses, etc…

    Perhaps the yellow jersey in the TdF will be another yawner, but I’ve always enjoyed the sprints and the green jersey race. You didn’t even mention Cavendish (and his colorful personality), who is on a new team dedicated to getting him the wins…and he’s been producing already this season. Of course, the rivalry building between Cav and Sagan. That will be a great one to watch this year. Sagan is a colorful character, as well. Mix in Greipel and the others, and I think the green jersey will be hotly contested.

  • Dennis Tresenriter

    One of the groups better shows. Good discussion. I’ve not always been a fan but this was a good show.

  • Donna Tocci

    Thanks, guys! We appreciate the comments and you listening.

  • @DonB – well said. There *are* characters – you just have to focus on them. And yeah, love watching Cav, Tommy V. was charging a couple times already – the guy has heart for sure. Sagan is a rolling side show and Cadel puts in the work. I’m happy.

    I also don’t get the folks that complain about the drugs, but then lament the loss of the LA drama. Much of that drama was created because individuals were ‘not normal’ and could just pull away on climbs while the ‘less not normals’ looked like they were statues.

    I also take exception with people dogging on Wiggins. Wanna know what’s good to like about him and SKY? They win bike races and do it as a team. And then a little drama erupts around his ‘c’ word comment, smoking / partying and the Froome conflicts and people beat him up for that. Sheesh…

    @Neil – ok, yeah, you know you’re gonna get beat up on picks, but Contador? It’s funny – I’ve been reading all about how he doesn’t seem to have the snap and power of past tours and whether he can break away when things go up. Yeah, you know why – ‘cuz he got popped and now he’s probably riding ‘normal’ – or at least closer to it. I think that’s worth pointing out because it’s relevant to whether he’ll contend.

    @DL – ok, now you’re just being to careful not to appear grumpy. C’mon – we’ve all accepted you for the curmudgeon that you are. Embrace it or get truly happy. The attempt to fake Mr. Positive just comes off as creepy – like something out of Silence of the Lambs. Hopefully you don’t have some storage unit out there somewhere.

    Seriously though – great show – and thanks for putting in the love of craft. I know you guys aren’t making fortunes off this stuff, and I appreciate the work and personal time that goes into it.


  • DonB

    Well I may have to eat my words. The yellow jersey is quite a race, at least this first week before the air gets thin. Kudos to the stage designers.

  • Jon Miner

    Sorry if you covered this and I don’t remember but more bad for Strava: a cyclist in San Francisco has plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter and may have been trying to beat a time on strava.

    Love the show! Wish you would publish more often!


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