The Spokesmen #103 – Motorpacing The Buggy

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Topics Included:

4 comments to The Spokesmen #103 – Motorpacing The Buggy

  • Jeff Baker

    Great podcast. As informative and entertaining as always. However, this time I had many more laughs. Even had people in the cubicles around me looking at me funny. Good show, keep em coming.

  • Simon Johnson

    Great show as always. In regards to your discussion about BT vs ANT+, Samsung just announced that their next update to the Galaxy s4 will include ANT+ compatibility.

  • T music

    As an ohio native who has put on lots of miles in Amish country you forgot something you must have fenders on your bike. The emissions from the buggies can be hard to wash out of your clothes.

  • Ben

    i live about 45 mins from shirks bike shop located in Lancaster county PA. (dead center of Amish country) wonderful shop! it’s not uncommon to see a Amish kid riding around on a treks from shirks, it is pretty cool.

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