The Spokesmen #107 – Carbon Fibre Shwangle

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Topics Included (not necessarily in order): 

  • Deer Valley Press Camp
  • Chris Froome and the TUE
  • 2014 Dauphiné Results
  • 2014 Tour de France Foreshadowing?
  • Interbike Consumer Day Redux
  • Kickstarter Fatigue
  • George Hincapie Book
  • Self Publishing v. Traditional Media
  • Gravel Grinders
  • Superstitions and Rituals

2 comments to The Spokesmen #107 – Carbon Fibre Shwangle

  • Golden

    I had the same problem with just water after trying CamelBak tablets a few years ago – then I read the label and found out it was the artificial sweetener that was causing me to crave the taste. I Haven’t used them since – water is perfectly sufficient for bike rides under 2 hours!

  • Interesting! Actually, I no longer use the CamelBak tablets. I use another brand that doesn’t contain sugar. Plain water somehow gives me stomach problems when I ride. Plus, I sweat. A lot! So on a long ride, I need the electrolytes that my fizzy tablets provide.

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