Spokesmen 152: It’s just Vitamin V, no need to get cocky

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HOST: Carlton Reid

Jim Moss
Donna Tocci

That BBC video interview with the US professor and his adorable kids.

Strong winds force cancellation of Cape Town Cycle Tour in South Africa disappointing 35,000 would-be participants.



Team Sky riders trialled Viagra for, er, “performance benefits”.

Lance admits he was a “duck” (but with an “i”).

Team Sky’s exploding Shimano wheels @ 60kph in the Tirreno-Adriatico.

Cycleways cause pollution, says MP who drives a dirty old muscle-car.

NZ gov’t campaign to get more people on bikes.

Boston Transportation Department offers free cycling clinics for women this Summer


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8 comments to Spokesmen 152: It’s just Vitamin V, no need to get cocky

  • Again, you discuss the use of drugs in cycling. My take, if they are not banned then it is OK. The other side of it — do the riders mind taking these substances?

    Can you answer this question? When is the first recorded use of cyclists using a substance, other than food, to improve performance? The answer will surprise you.

  • DonB

    Regarding MP’s comments about air pollution. I, in no way, agree with him, but I think most of you missed his point. Donna touched on it. I think he’s making the (unsubstantiated) assertion that fewer car lanes will cause more automobile congestion, which would yield more pollution.

    Of course, if that were the only factor, he might be correct, but countless studies show that creating safe routes for bikes and pedestrians will yield a decrease in automobile congestion. Maybe the spokesmen were assuming everyone knows that, but apparently Sir Knight and many others who agree with him do not understand that.

  • DonB

    Regarding public perception of cycling. I saw this commercial on TV. Makes me shake my head…

  • DonB

    Don’t know why the link didn’t work. Here’s the YouTube link:

  • Odd advert.

    Cycling guy has an expensive carbon bike, although the make has been obscured.

  • David

    You want to see a “safety advert” check out this effort from 1984. The Office of Road Safety was really out to kill cycling…

  • Donna Tocci

    Don – thanks for listening…yes, I was assuming people were following my train of thought (which, you know, is often in my head and doesn’t come out)…I need to be more clear, like you were. Thank you!

  • Donna Tocci

    David – I think that was “high tech” at the time, but I was afraid that light was going to crash into her…yikes!

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