Spokesmen 154: The cynics from the swamp

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The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Episode 154

Sunday, April 9th 2017.

HOST: Carlton Reid




RIP to racer Steve Tilford killed in a car crash and ultra-endurance rider Mike Hall killed by a motorist during a long-distance race in Australia.

Canyon comes to the USA, hires executive staff, sets up offices in California, will start shipping this summer. Of course they’ve been saying that since 2011, but this time it seems to be true.

Why have cycle sales in the Netherlands dropped to a thirty-year low?

UK’s first crowdfunded prosecution sees defendant accused of “careless driving after killing cyclist Michael Mason acquitted by a jury just 17 minutes.

UCI relaunches its efforts at becoming one-stop-shop for racing cyclists and everyday cyclists.


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3 comments to Spokesmen 154: The cynics from the swamp

  • Hans

    I guess you have to be famous, or in a “proper” State, or a fatal party of three or more to get a mention in the Cycling Media. An incident not too dissimilar to last year’s Michigan motorcar / group ride tragedy happened in Houston Texas two weeks ago. I was certain you would cover it on this week’s podcast…NOPE.
    It may be a case of “broken record” syndrome, but your discussions of these incidents raises the attention needed for both motorists and cyclists about the risks of our daily dance on the streets. Plus, the widespread attention may help the families that are grieving right now.

  • Hi Hans

    I hadn’t seen it. Awful, and so typical.

  • Donna Tocci

    Hans – I hadn’t heard about this either. Very sad.
    We are usually on Twitter right before we record talking about recording….feel free to reach out to any of us and give us topic ideas.

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