Bikes and more from the UITP Global Public Transport Summit (part 2)

The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Episode 217

Friday 14th June 2019


HOST: Carlton Reid


Giovanni Circella riding on an autonomous pod at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Stockholm

Giovanni Circella, 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California Davis.

Change at Transdev’s bus driver safe following distance study on slide at presentation given at UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Stockholm. Steve Martin at lectern, Marielle Villamaux, seated second from right.

Steve Martin, CEO of Influence at Work UK, behavioural scientist and co-author of “Yes! 60 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion” which has sold over one million copies. Also heads CHANGE By Transdev–a joint venture that has built the world’s first specialist behavioural science unit in a global transport operator. Based in London.

Marielle Villamaux, Chief Client Officer, Transdev Group, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France.

Automated vehicles, bicycling and behavioural science from the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stepping in front of autonomous pod tweet. Carlton Reid and Laura Laker’s Virtual Velo-city podcast.


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