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Sunday 29th March 2020

SPONSORS: Jenson USA, Sport Suds

HOSTS: David Bernstein & Carlton Reid

GUESTS: Jim Moss, Donna Tocci, Richard Masoner & Tim Jackson

Some of the original Spokesmen members discuss the Covid-19 lockdown and cycling. Also includes the return of “show tips.”


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Tour de Quarantine via Brad Sohner. — (Richard)

The Least Expected Day: Inside the Movistar Team 2019 | Netflix — (David)

Dr. Fauci & support your local bike shop and don’t take refunds on events — (Donna)

Eat and drink water when on the indoor bike — (Tim)

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Carlton Reid 0:13
Welcome to Episode 241 of the Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast. This show was recorded on the 29th of March 2020.

David Bernstein 0:24
The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable podcast is brought to you by Jenson USA, where you’ll always find a great selection of products at amazing prices with unparalleled customer service. For more information, just go to Hey everybody, it’s David from the Fredcast cycling podcast at I’m one of the hosts and producers of the Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable podcast. For show notes, links and all sorts of other information please visit our website at www.the- And now, here are the spokesmen. Welcome to Episode 241 of the Spokesmen Cycling rRoundtable podcast. No, you do not need to adjust your speakers or your mobile device, whatever you’re using to listen to this show on this actually is David from the Fredcast cycling podcast. And I’m here to, to host a very special episode of the spokesman, cycling roundtable podcast and I say it’s special because I have all my friends with me today or many of them. Have, we have quite quite the crowd today. And I’m just going to go straight through and introduce everybody because I am. I mean, I’m literally tearing out to have all of my friends with me here today during this very, very strange time we’re in and so we thought we’d all get together and and share it with you. So let’s start with my co host and actually the person who has Who is the main host and producer of the spokesman these days? my very good friend and travelling partner Hello, Mr. Carlton Reid.

Carlton Reid 2:07
Hi that David and Hi to everybody else. And we have a captive audience. Very possibly at home and absolutely here because people can’t escape. We have got them.

David Bernstein 2:22
Yeah, yeah, for sure we do. So it’s good. It’s good to have you here. You know, what I’m going to do is as I go through, with each one of you, I’m going to kind of ask you, you know, what’s going on in your world? What, what’s different about what’s happening with you? So obviously, you know, we’re recording this March 29. It’s 8am pacific time in the morning. And you know, this is these are strange days for everybody. So Carlton, you know, what’s what’s going on in your world with with your social distancing and with your family, and how’s everybody doing?

Carlton Reid 2:55
Well, yeah, it’s 4pm in in the UK, and it’s British summertime now, technically we are now in in in sunshine even though we’ve had snow today up here in the, in the winter wiles of of Newcastle in the northeast of England and my parents who are few miles away and they’re elderly and they are both ever at so their social distancing, self isolating whatever you want to say. And I take them food parcels here and there on my bike and the rest of my family to to medics and the family. So I’ve got my wife as a hospital doctor, so kind of frontline ish. And one of my daughters is a medic, so always going to be a trainee medic. So eventually, she’s kind of learning from this experience and where we’re just at home hunkering on down I’m kind of working quite hard. So I’m now working for Forbes. And I’m I’m working on lots of stories on covered 19 stories I am I am absolutely not sitting at home wondering where Netflix documentary. I’m not gonna say any more. I’m not watching any TV at all. I’m working my socks off. So that’s me, David.

David Bernstein 4:11
Good for you. And and I had emailed Carlton I don’t know, probably a week ago and asked about his wife and his daughter because of course, I know that, that Jude is a doc and that he’s got a daughter who is a soon to be doc and, knock on wood, they’re all safe right now. And we’re glad to hear that and thankful for, you know, it’s so weird these days, I was thinking, you know, we, we talked about doctors and nurses, and we talked about even truckers and grocery workers. And we now say thank you for your service as if they were in the military. So thank them for their service and give both of them a hug from all of us.

Carlton Reid 4:44
Thank you. Yeah.

David Bernstein 4:47
Moving on down the road, as I as I look at my screen here is and by the way, this is sort of the original Spokespeople podcast because when you hear all these folks that are on you’re gonna go ‘Wow, it’s as my daughters would say, The OG spokesmen. So starting with our next is our very good friend hello from the east coast, Donna Tocci.

Donna Tocci 5:09
Hi, everybody. It is a very rainy spring day here in just outside of Boston. And what have I been doing? I’ve been working as well. So I work for an organisation called the Trustees of Reservations where we have 118 different properties with trails and farms and coastline and unfortunately we’ve had to close down some of those places for now, because of the stay at home order from our governor. If you are in the United States, all of our states have governors or outside the United States you don’t know that. So our governor has put a stay at home policy so like Carlton We are very busy though even working from home trying to come up with innovative have ways to continue to connect people with nature and the farm and doing things like having. Because of the folks that work on our agricultural properties, obviously, you need to take care of the animals and the farms and things like that. So they are allowed to go and do that. And they’re doing storytime from the barnyard and giving kids things to do from home after story time to help out parents who might be teaching their kids at home and giving them some educational bits and things like that. So and more of those online programmes will be coming out in this week and in the coming weeks. So really trying to stay connected with people and and give them some of that. As far as what I’m doing. I’ve started to train as as a lot of you know, I do the Boston Marathon Jimmy fund walk every year and that’s in the fall. So that’s 26 miles of walking. So I’ve I have started my Training and I’m seeing a lot more people out on the streets here, including a mom and her two kids on brand new bikes yesterday that we’re riding around our neighbourhood what I might call the Tour de neighbourhood. And then Neil, here I keep hearing him riding upstairs every night. In the room upstairs he’s using for all of you who may want to know the wahoo kicker and wahoo bolt and we can talk about that a little bit if you want. He’s got a really great setup up there. So that’s what we’re doing like currently I have parents who are older and and so far they’re okay but we’ll be doing some shopping for them as well. So that’s what we’re doing.

David Bernstein 7:45
It’s funny, Donna, I saw a meme on Instagram. I think it was yesterday that said all it took to get my kids out on their bike was quarantine. You know, whatever it takes. You got to find the silver lining where you can moving on down the road. You just heard him give a little chuckle They’re from San Diego sunny San Diego, California because like Carlton I’ve been dumping snow here the last couple of days. So I’m missing my days in San Diego. Hello Tim, how are you Mr. Tim Jackson.

Tim Jackson 8:14
Hey, well you know as my father likes to say and given my history I’m upright and casting a shadow so that’s pretty good day for me. I’m doing okay. Things are bright and sunny here in San Diego but you talk about Hey, oh, we actually had over hail you talking about snow. Geez. We had hail earlier this week. And in our local mountains at fairly low elevations for us. We we actually had some snow here. They had to close some roads in our local mountains, which at the end of March is not necessarily normal. So it definitely had people running around in San Diego is if it was the apocalypse

and you know

David Bernstein 9:00
And hope hope that the kids are good as well. Yeah

Tim Jackson 9:03
yeah the the youngest is here with me currently she and she turns 10 this coming week so this is moving into doubles for her

why she Yeah,

yeah, exactly. Exactly.

And the oldest is away in college and in Santa Barbara and have been talking to her as much as I can you know, she’s she’s now moving on with her adult life so it’s kind of kind of hard to let go of the reins You know, I’m sure you know that when quite well. And it’s it’s an interesting time to say the least. So yeah, I worry worry my ass off a lot. But she’s, she’s enjoying Santa Barbara. She really loves it up there. And, you know, my my girlfriend and I are doing everything. We can to be as safe as possible and take care of each other and everything and the dog is completely bonkers all the time and she can’t understand why why the humans are home all the time. So, dog is happy, that’s for sure.

David Bernstein 10:18
Yeah, worldwide. I think that’s true. Excellent. Thank you, Tim. And let’s see, right next door in in the state of Colorado as my wife thankfully brings me a fresh cup of coffee is our good friend and everybody’s lawyer. Hello, Jim Moss.

Jim Moss 10:41
Hi, guys, how are you?

I’ve uh, let’s see here. I have been busting everything to get some work done. With the quarantine in countries closing their borders. The other side In my life, the mountaineering segment is all up in turmoil. So if you wrote a check for 100 to $125,000 to go climb Mount Everest this spring. What are you going to do? Hopefully you bought a the right travel insurance policy because most of them don’t cover pandemics. I’ve learned by reading them constantly for the last 510 days. The money’s already spent, you know that. They’ll spend $25,000 for an expedition for food, but it cost them $125,000 to get it to the mountain. So it’s not like you’re going to go get the money, the food back and spread it around. So it’s been an interesting 10 days. I work from home so there’s nothing new there. The end there except traffic outside my window. Normally I’d see cars go by and nowadays I’m seeing people walking and running. And a few cyclists. And then when I go go take a ride. The bike paths are just full of people, especially Saturdays and Sundays. There’s just, there’s just dozens of people everywhere. Like it’s like skiing almost. I call it moving slalom gates, where you have to actually weave around people. So Life is good.

David Bernstein 12:24
Jim, this isn’t this isn’t considered force measure?

Jim Moss 12:28
Well, no. And and so for those of you who are curious what force majeure is, it’s a French term meeting act of God basically. And although you would think that a pandemic is an act of God, that the term came into being in the 40s around the war, and so nine times out of 10, the courts have interpreted it to mean a weather disaster, or strike or terrorism. So tornadoes, hurricanes flooding, are considered acts of God. And there have not there’s not a single case that I found that says the pandemic is an act of God. So I suspect over the next three to five years, we’re going to see a lot of litigation over that. But it’s it’s going to be interesting because the cost of litigating is expensive and the time involved. And so I know if for an example, in the sports segment, the arenas and stadiums and such Coliseum have all turned to their people have said, No, we’re not giving you your money back. Because they know that it’s gonna take 10 years to get the money. And they say, you know, file a claim on your cancellation insurance. I mean, the stadiums are just howling because they’re keeping all the deposits and

all the money right now.


David Bernstein 13:52
yeah, and I asked about that, because, you know, we keep hearing that term come up, you know, as everybody’s talking about cancellations right now. Whether it’s travel or, or any other kinds of events or things, so thanks thanks for enlightening us with that, unfortunately, bad news for people who you know, as you rightfully said may have, may have put money out for for something and may or may not be lucky enough to see it back. And for those of you who also don’t know, what Jim was referring there, what he was referring to was, you know, there’s there’s a specific climbing season in you know, for instance, Mount Everest, and they cancelled it and told everybody to go home. So, you know, and climbing Mount Everest is is is an expensive thing to do when you pay your guides. And so everybody went home and they’d already cut those checks and now what so thank you Jim for for letting us know about that. And you guys are are safe and healthy at home, right?

Jim Moss 14:49
Oh, everything’s great here. I went, by the way, don’t don’t stop arguing force majority. I mean, don’t give up on it. Just, you know, just fight. There’s also the common doctrines of impossibilities and frustration of purpose that you can sometimes win but and all and that may be our so title because I think all of our purposes are frustrated at the moment

I get a show title for once.

David Bernstein 15:16
Yeah, that’s right. I thank you sir. It’s good to talk to you as always and last but certainly not least again, boy talk about oh gee, somebody who we have missed. So glad to hear his voice this morning. is our friend Richard Masoner. From Cyclelicious in Northern California. Good morning, sir.

Richard Masoner 15:33
Hi, and yeah, I’m certainly frustrated.

Yes, it’s a it’s really neat because I don’t know how many years it’s been since I’ve participated in the spokesman and thanks for inviting me first, but it’s neat hearing about you know Carlton’s kid learning to be a medic, or or you know, going in medicine. And and Tim has a kid in college. My son he is in the military currently deployed overseas, not been trouble spot thankfully, but that he is his barracks is basically locked down. He messaged me the other night saying they are health protection condition, Charlie, whatever that means. And my own daughter is home right now studying online taking your classes and but she’s also an essential worker because she works at a large national coffee chain serving coffee.

So thank you for your service .

David Bernstein 16:33
That’s about as essential as it gets? Right?

Richard Masoner 16:37
And, and, and then she’s happy to get out of the house to do that. And they are doing protective measures there. They’re only doing drive thru service, which personally kind of annoys me, but but they also have a walk up deal where you walk up to the door. After you do a file, file your mobile order and I walk into the door and they pass it through you to through the door. So there’s no widespread customer exposure. And my wife also she works at a hospital. And so she’s showing up to work every day. And she’s concerned about exposure to patients there.

And it’s a concern here.

But, you know, cross your fingers. And we do and, yeah, I work at a large technology firm. I’ve been working from home for two weeks now. And so, so I’m thankful I’m able to do that. I’m thankful I’m still taking a salary. And we’ll see how long that lasts, right? Yeah. But on the biking front, I’ve always hated indoor cycling. I hated a little I hated a little bit less now, but I hope that from the show, and maybe I’ll get some tips on how to make it a little little more efficient. Don’t

hate it less. I just do it more. Yeah, yeah.

It’s difficult for me, and maybe the stuff we can talk about during the show, you know, like Donna mentioned about using the wahoo, kicker and whatnot. I just have a regular trainer. I put your buds in, I listen to music, you know, and I can go an hour doing that, and then I just die of boredom. So so maybe there’s stuff we can talk about later on in the show.

Carlton Reid 18:27
That was good.

Richard Masoner 18:29
Okay, okay.

David Bernstein 18:31
Hey, I gotta ask you, you know, you got back into blogging on Cyclelicious, which is

Richard Masoner 18:41
Not really I haven’t blogged in over a year.

David Bernstein 18:44
So what happened so so so, you know, you’ve you’ve you’ve been, you know, sort of a light in Northern California and by the way, I say this you know, as somebody who put the Fred cast on permanent hiatus, X number of years ago and and sort of never looked back For me, you know, it was really an issue of the amount of time that it was taking. I miss it every day. And I and and I miss the audience interaction. And you know, and I won’t lie, I miss the products to test. But But mostly I just missed being in touch with all of you and with the audience. And was it the same for you? It’s just just the amount of time did you just get burned out?

Richard Masoner 19:28
burnout and to be honest, I’m spending more time on Twitter. Haha.

Tim Jackson 19:33
Micro blogging.

Richard Masoner 19:34
There’s no income for me on Twitter, but there was a Yeah, there wasn’t much income for me on cycle efficiency. So that’s that’s not really that important to me. It’s not why I do it, of course, but But yeah, I think there’s more interaction for me on Twitter. I’m still undecided what to do about the blogs.

David Bernstein 19:52
okay, but it’s still out there. You know, like,

Donna Tocci 19:54
I wonder if there’ll be more blogs. I wonder if there’ll be

Tim Jackson 19:57
no just an endless flow of podcasts.

David Bernstein 19:58
It’s a good question. You What’s the point? You know, podcasting has changed too, right? I mean,

Jim 20:07

David Bernstein 20:08
When we start when I started the podcast when we started the Spokesmen, your podcasting was more grassroots. Today, podcasting is very much business driven by large corporations and broadcasting firms and it’s a business. And as you rightfully said, Richard, you know, on I felt like I made I made pennies on the Fredcast. And you know, and pennies on the Spokesmen, thankfully. But it was more of a labour of love. And now as I think it’s just more of a business and I think it’s the same way with some blogs as well, right. Oh, yeah.

Donna Tocci 20:48

Richard Masoner 20:50
the, the, the blatant efforts they make to try to get you to click through the ads is really annoying to me. You know, I mean, I had advertising to support cyclists and whatnot but, but just the real, you know, like click through the slideshow and everything else is just kind of but that’s not what this podcast is about. So I won’t go off on

David Bernstein 21:10
that I yeah, we’re, we’re becoming the Statler and Waldorf of. So, so last but not least, what am I doing? So, so interesting I was. So I actually started a new business a year ago, a consulting firm. So this is sort of a strange time for me. My, my main gig for those of you who don’t know, I am in the industrial laundry world I fit I’m sort of third or fourth generation of my family in that world and don’t think, you know, a room full of machines that you put quarters into. These are machines that are as big as a house. And so they they, yeah, in hospitals, you’re an essential worker to actually yeah, so our industry is essential because it matters And all of those healthcare workers and all of those patients, and I do have a lot of clients that are in the healthcare world, doing linens and scrubs and doctors uniforms and things like that for, you know, in surgical gowns and all of that for the healthcare world. And so it’s been, it’s been busy. But as many of you said, You know, I work from home when I’m home on a regular basis, and my wife works from home and what she does, so our dog is used to having people home, although he’s happy to have a couple more people in the house at the moment, full time. So my I have two daughters, as everybody knows, and they are both grownups and great people, wonderful people, one of whom works for actually the city of Salt Lake in an essential role, but she she’s telecommuting as well. So she’s at home. And then my oldest daughter works for school in Los Angeles and their campus is closed and said they said, you can work from home and so she said, Well, great home can be home home. So we have a full house. There’s four of us. And we’re trying not to drive each other crazy. And the dog is getting more walks than he knows what to do, which is wonderful. And it’s for me, I have to ride indoors anyway. Because Christmas day I blew out my knee. and a month later, I got a brand new ACL. And so I’m on my indoor trainer. And I’m not allowed to go outside for a couple of you know, on my bike for a couple more months. Anyway. So as much as like Richard said, I really hate riding indoors. It’s keeping me safe. It’s keeping me sane, and it’s keeping me relatively fit. And it’s helping me to rehab my knee. So that’s a great thing for me, so. So yeah, I’m glad everybody safe. And I hope you say that way. Oh, one more thing. I also have elderly parents, they live in Los Angeles. And we have introduced them to grocery delivery. And they have embraced it. And it’s working out great for them. And my father calls himself I won’t name his street name but hits the prisoner of his street name. So he’s decided that you know, they’re stuck at home and I’m just I’m damn glad that they’re doing that and that in their 80s they’re staying healthy. So,

Richard Masoner 24:04
you know, I’ve been seeing so many like, like, the movies about like, I watched The Great Escape. I watched Alcatraz I watched last night Papillon.

I just relate more now.

David Bernstein 24:17
Yeah, for sure. Yeah, it’s amazing. So so so let’s use that sort of as a transition I mentioned and I’m going to ask you guys to raise your hand if you’d like to be the first one out here but

Jim Moss 24:31
I got five bucks that says hat lasts about two minutes.

David Bernstein 24:37
I said before the show everybody you know, Carlton was said you know, let’s let’s David you know, just call on people and I said, Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna work. But let’s see what happens. How are you or are you using any any cycling in any way, whether it’s it’s watching cycling or participating in indoor cycling, and if so, let’s get into some details. What are you doing? Tell me how are you using cycling to stay Saying and we’ll look at that. Jim, you raise your hand first. Go right ahead, my friend.

Jim Moss 25:06
Well, I had to switch computers I had to you know, it’s a nightmare. So you got lucky. Believe it or not, cycling in Colorado is an essential service. So the bike shops are still open. And this is my favourite thing. I’m an essential service as an attorney. Now, why, why we need attorneys right now. It’s still not figured out. But so I just, you know, do the normal I have not changed my cycling regime at all. I either Well, I don’t leave from here yet. I should because there’s no cars on the road. But I I too, was injured in December and I just, I got back got permission to go skiing and get on my bike. And three days later, they close the resorts. I had zero time on my season passes. But I can ride but I’ve been going down the bike path because sitting and not doing anything for three and a half months, I think it might average speed is just getting into double digits right now. I did a hard ride last week and ended up not being able to unclip for my pedals. Features we’re going to move that direction. So it’s Saturday. You’re right. I mean, it’s just anything getting outside seeing people, tonnes of people. Not many people. Yeah, too many people. Yeah, that’s in all honesty, that the social distancing even, it’s a little more difficult because there’s so many people and if you’re walking, I don’t know how you actually able to maintain that.

You know, I mean, I

I’m passing people on the left, so I’m thinking that their head is, you know, my backside and I’m quickly leaving it behind at least my own theory, whether or not actually but

Richard Masoner 26:58
and I have comments about that. I’ll Feel free to jab

when I get to my so in, in my area, a lot of the bike advocacy advocacy groups are, are you know, since there’s dramatically less car traffic they’re saying open up car lanes so that their social distancing for all these people that all of a sudden are out walking and biking and running. Because you know you have a six foot sidewalk or in a lot of cases even a three foot sidewalk there’s no way you could leave six feet of space. And then right next to you you have this four lanes of expressway and there’s only one lanes worth of traffic or maybe two lanes of traffic. Let’s shut those couple of those lanes down and turn it into a walking path. I don’t know what kind of success they’ve had. I know the people up in San Francisco have been really pushing for especially some of the park roads to be shut down and and there’s this waterfront road called the Embarcadero. For those of you that are familiar with San Francisco, it’s a while Boulevard. And, you know, they’re saying, I mean, the Embarcadero also has a wide sidewalk along most of it. But but they’re saying shut down one of those lanes turning into a walking or biking lane, please. I haven’t followed it closely. So I don’t know what kind of success they’ve had, if any. But that’s a suggestion that I think needs to be talked about or should be talked about.

David Bernstein 28:20
Carlton, I think this is a great place for you to jump in. Because as as, as I’ve been looking at your writings on Forbes, I mean, these are, these are the kinds of questions that people are having these days. What’s happening, for instance, in the UK as concerns being able to go out and exercise outside and are people maintaining social distancing? And what about the kinds of proposals like Richard was talking about?

Carlton Reid 28:46
Yeah, people haven’t been doing social distancing very well, which is why the government is having to constantly ratcheted up the stricter measures so they’ve they’ve been very laissez faire. To date, and it’s been getting stricter and stricter and the messaging hasn’t been terribly good. I know America famously isn’t terribly good. Well, we’re not terribly good either. So Italy, Germany, Spain have all been very good. They’ve been given very strict instructions like distance from the house, you can go time you’re allowed to exercise for all these kind of things. We haven’t had that until today, in fact, where the government has today clarified, but still hasn’t clarified it very well, that you’re allowed to go out for about an hour. So before it was you can go out for you can have a one session of exercise per day. Well, for cyclists, that’s all that a nine hour ride them, that’s fine. Okay. Well, graphing and they haven’t factored in. cyclists are going to exercise for multiple hours. So they’ve now said, okay, you can grab for one hour. So that’s now you know, brings it very close to home. So I guess the message is Got to be you can exercise, but don’t do it with a bunch of people don’t do it where there are lots of other people going to be there. So that’s why I think Richards point about widening sidewalks getting a lane of a car lane brought into being like an exercise would be a fantastic idea everywhere. Because the sidewalks aren’t wide enough. The bike trails aren’t wide enough. So when everybody is going on bike trails and I’ve been on a tonne of bike trails recently close to where I am. There’s just so many people, as Jim was saying, there’s just so many people so we’re going to have to have somewhere where we can go exercise and it can’t be maybe where the current trails are. So that’s got to change. But thankfully we are allowed to exercise. I mean, I think government pretty much everywhere recognise we have got to do that. Otherwise, you’re going to just kill people from lack of exercise, not because of morbidity of falling away from heart attacks, just the stress levels that will go through the roof if people can’t get that kind of air into the lungs. So I haven’t actually done any indoor cycling yet. So I know David, you’ve done a load because of your, your your knee, etc. I haven’t done any. My daughter is now asking about setting a bike up in the carriage, which we have because my son, he’s got some fantastic kit down in the garbage. He’s actually somewhere else. He’s actually living in the girlfriend right now. But we have got the equipment. I haven’t set it up yet, thankfully, because I can still get out there and one of the things I can actually do, and here’s me being such a nice kind person, I volunteered for the NHS to be like a career. So at some point, when I’m okayed, I’ll be able to go out for a lot longer during the day on my bike, delivering prescriptions and bits of food for people via this official volunteering app. So I’m sure a lot of people in the UK and 700,000 people have volunteered for this. There’ll be a lot of people a lot of those 700,000 people will be avid cyclists, you want to get out there for eight hours a day, and and carry on riding, and I’m going to be one of them.

Jim Moss 32:09
You know, we have a different thing going on here, which I think find interesting. We have single people who are out exercising, running or cycling or whatever. But the majority of people occupying the bike paths that are new are families. And these are groups of 468, sometimes 12 people. And we’ve never had that before. I mean, there have been two people. But half the cyclists now are at least twos. And a lot of them are threes and fours. And the people walking are all in groups of five or six. And that’s quite interesting fact that Miami may have a long term benefit of families actually getting outside and spending more time together. They’re not moving fast. They’re mostly talking and yeah, yeah, there’s some benefit out of this, right. They’re not moving Faster they’re talking in there. You know, you just spent a lot of time yelling at him. Please heads up, get on your left. Oh, that passing on your left. You know when you say it, you have to explain it. But it’s very difficult for people that are out exercising or why shouldn’t they exercise are outside right now? Yeah.

Donna Tocci 33:22
Yeah. And that’s that’s the same in the trails, because I know here they’ve actually for mountain bikers, some of the different parks have closed them to mountain bikers, because so many people are out walking in the woods and you know, big families. And as you said, Jim, it’s not single walkers or people in single file. It’s families with kids running around. So the mountain bikers are having less and less places to go, because there are just so many people outside, which is great in one way and not great if you want to be right. Yeah,

David Bernstein 33:54
for sure, Tim. Yeah, go ahead.

Tim Jackson 33:56
Yeah, there’s a lot of congestion issues now. with stuff like that, and you know, and, and there I’m of two minds, I’ve been riding indoors and outdoors at all, even though I could in theory, you know, and part of my thinking was swayed by ironically, my friends in Italy who are dealing with a lot of scary times there. And even even the people who are allowed to be out and exercising are choosing not to because of the concerns of the the what if scenarios if you even if you’re riding by yourself, if you fall and need medical attention, you’re adding to the strain on the system. And so they’re just telling people just don’t just please don’t and Italy actually the only people who are allowed to ride are professionals and they have to have permission to be able to get out and train and in Spain, they’ve shut it down completely. Even the pros can’t right outside. So you see a lot of the guys and Girona which has become the pro Mecca, sitting on their balconies riding they’re their trainers. And so I’ve been riding indoors and I’m very lucky, spoiled rotten that I am to be able to ride on a, a wahoo kicker and have now been exploring the world of swift and just to Richard’s point an hour in Zwift totally kicks my butt and I’m, I leave about a gallon of sweat on the mat when I’m done. It’s it’s pretty, it’s pretty grossly impressive.

Or impressively gross.

Richard Masoner 35:42
I do feel like I’m working out harder when I’m when I’m indoors because I’m because because the sweat doesn’t go in anywhere. I do have a fan. Yeah,

Tim Jackson 35:50
yeah. And I have a I have exactly I got a fan blowin’ and I got a window open right next to me and I’m still just drenched by the time I get off. It’s I feel like my my kit is so soap like, I just jumped in the bay. I mean, it’s I’m completely drenched down to my socks. And another thing for me is that because I’m an idiot, and don’t have a switch in my head that allows me to just pedal softly and warm up for 10 minutes and then do some efforts. You know, you drop into swift world and just start pedalling and it’s like, oh, hey, the group just went by going, you know, 30 miles an hour, and they’re all riding at 500 watts. I’ll do that too. And so within an hour, I’m left panting and draped over my handlebars going What the hell just happened to me. I used to ride for six hours and not have this much sweat What’s going on? So it’s, it’s kind of demoralising at the same

David Bernstein 36:44
so so for somebody who has

Tim Jackson 36:46
to these avatars come by riding through you and there’s one with a ponytail and it’s like this chick just kicked my butt.

David Bernstein 36:54
So for somebody who has to ride indoors for so many months during the year, you know, when because it’s too snowy and icy out. Inside, I can tell you from experience that that writing indoors is clearly a more intense experience. And if you think about it, when you write outdoors as as, as Tim sort alluded to, you know, when you first start, you know, maybe you’re sort of soft pedalling, and you’re warming up, etc. So there’s there’s that there are hills, which of course, you go up and you have to, to, to exert a lot of energy, but then there’s, you know, there’s the sense and you’re not pedalling or you stop at a stoplight or stop sign and so there’s and there’s some coasting going on. There’s none of that when you’re on your trainer. And as a result, it is always a more intensive effort. There are those I think fat cyclist elden that fat so he does like a whole lot less. Oh, yeah, yeah. elden from fat cyclists, I think does a century every year. As as a as a fundraiser if I’m not mistaken, and, and I can’t imagine writing 100 miles on a trainer. I would just I’d be a wet noodle. I mean, it’s just it’s just forget about it.

Tim Jackson 38:03
That’s that’s a hard No. Yeah.

David Bernstein 38:06
I want to talk a little bit more about that. And I want to come back to it in a moment but but first I if I may. And this is something you know that we do here on the spokesmen all the time, and it’s nice to be able to do it live. And that is, I just want to jump in and thank our friends at Jenson USA for sponsoring the show, continuing to sponsor the show. For all these years, they have just been amazing and they continue to be amazing. Now for those of you who may be new, and I can’t imagine if you’re new, you want to listen to the rest of us. But for those of you who’ve been with us for a while even those of you who are new Jenson USA is an online sites, Jensen And they sell everything that you might need for your cycling lifestyle. And I’ve said for years and years that they are one of those sites that you go to that has an amazing selection and great prices. But I think what really sets them apart what differentiates them from the other sites online is They have really unparalleled customer service. They have these folks there. They’re called gear advisors. These are not folks offshore, who they’ve hired to just sort of answer their phone. Now these are these are people actually. Right? And so when you call and you’ve got a question about a particular piece of kit that you’re planning on buying some component, whatever a bike, they’ve likely use that product and they know a lot about it and they they give you answers from a position of knowledge and experience and they’re called gear advisors. And even during this crisis that we’re all in worldwide, those gear advisors are still answering the phone now they’re answering their phones from home. So if you heard dog bark, you know, it’s just like you working from home. It’s kind of hard to keep your dog from barking when you know the UPS guy goes by. But they’re still working. They’re still working from home now. They’ve made some adjustments and what they’re doing their retail stores aren’t open. For those of you who may be in Southern California, or there there will call pick up isn’t open but other than that They’re still working because as as we mentioned a little while ago, bike shops and cycling services are still in a lot of places considered an essential business because let’s say you are volunteering for the National Health Service or let’s say that you are needing to ride your bike to work to commute to work, you need those products for what you’re doing, or maybe you’re cycling indoors, and you’re looking for a product to help you do that. Jenson USA is a great place to go. So I really encourage you as you are looking to support businesses, support small business and support those who support the Spokesmen and your cycling lifestyle. Go and check them out there at We really thank them for their support of the Spokesmen. We thank them for doing what they’re doing to maintain all of our sanity during this time. And we thank you for supporting them as well. So thanks to Jenson, USA. Now before we get back to the show, Carlton, I think you had a spot that you wanted to talk about. Well,

Carlton Reid 41:00
yes, there is. So it’s not really an advert as such. But I do want to thank Jenson USA, because I want to thank all bike shops, because clearly a whole bunch have closed to protect their staff for whatever reasons, a whole bunch have kept open, and they are providing a vital service, especially keeping bikes on the road for key workers. So I know there’s a whole bunch in the UK and I’m sure it’ll be the same everywhere else. But in the UK. We’ve got a whole bunch of NHS workers who are cycling to work for the very first time and an awful lot of the bike industry is getting those bikes back on on the road for those people and you know, doctors are getting their bike stolen unfortunately, and then that five bike companies quickly come in and replace that that bike when it gets publicised. So the bike industry is doing a tonne of good at the moment to get people moving. However, that’s not what I wanted to say. I wanted to just remind people of the previous show There was a promotion there for if you’re going to be doing lots of indoor cycling, you’re going to need your, your your kit washed, especially with all that sweat that Tim’s talking about. And so it was for Sport Suds. So this is a US only Canada only offer it I’ll put the link in again into the show notes. It’s for a company that I believe is a Canadian company that does this sport specific detergent, that it does it in a clever way in that it takes all the smells out, because when you actually have perfume in a detergent, that’s actually something that the smells can actually latch on to in reality and actually stay in the garment and the sport and especially getting a sport garment. So like the the Merino walls of this world and you know the, the the base layers which synthetics they can keep these palms. As soon as you start exercising, they come back again. Whereas this stuff, the sports thirds takes it out. And I’ve got an offer for US and Canadian readers listeners only so I’ll put that link in so sorry to everybody else around the world it isn’t available to you yes please but you guys you can you can sign up and I think that memory is it’s a you put your email in your get a discount code comm what may if you put your email in, and then at least one person gets some of the sample kit sent out to them US or Canada only so sport and the reason I mentioned it twice, is because I got it wrong. The last time I got it right in the text but wrong when audio catch put an extra s and I caught it sports sides and it’s actually sports. suds. So I had to just correct that, David so so let’s get back to the show. David

David Bernstein 43:48
will do and thank you and by the way, of course I’ve I have you Sports Suds. And you’re right, Carlton, it’s it’s it’s a good product. I think I met them at an outdoor retailer show a number of years ago and Yeah, they’re they’re a great company. So until we hear that

Richard Masoner 44:12
I can smell you all the way from Santa.

Tim Jackson 44:13
Yeah, you’re not the first person to say that.

Richard Masoner 44:17
You need them.

David Bernstein 44:21
So So Tim’s using a Wahoo Kickr. And he’s using Zwift Are you using anything else? Besides this is what I really wanted to talk about now. Besides Zwift or is that sort of your software of choice right now?

Tim Jackson 44:35
Right now? Yeah, the Zwift has been because I’m new on the whole Kickr thing and the virtual training so you know, because I’m, I’m so old school analogue. Normally I would just be on my track bike on my rollers in the driveway freakin my neighbours out as they walk by. But my my rollers are old enough. I need something a little Yeah, I need I need better focus. And so the the whole swift thing and the wahoo has been a huge plus on top of the fact that I snap the belt on my rollers and just need to replace it.

So that that made riding the roller is done

David Bernstein 45:17
right so Tim’s got a Kickr in Zwift. I was gonna ask you, Donna. So what’s Neil doing?

Unknown Speaker 45:24
Well, what I can tell you guys what Neil has been using and what I’ve been hearing, as I’m in my living room, with some Netflix, David, that Neil’s been upstairs riding like crazy, but he’s been riding Ireland. And if you know I said I live outside of Boston. So how he’s doing that is he is using the Wahoo Bolt with the Kickr. So he says he can go to Mapmyride and choose any road that you know, that you may ride every day or someplace that you’ve written. Before and you can connect the Bolt to the Kickr and you can ride that course. So he says you don’t need any Zwift. It’s independent. You don’t need Zwift. There aren’t any visuals, of course. But you can watch your TV or whatever while you’re doing it. And he has been riding roads that he used to ride in Ireland, and he says it is exact. So that might be another option for some folks. Yeah, every night he goes.

Richard Masoner 46:31
So does he have a like a big screen TV in front of them too and all that?

Donna Tocci 46:36
He does? Yeah. And then he’ll you know, he’ll just put something on or something like that. He also he does this with but he really likes doing this because he can map out his own ride and knows where the hills are and all of that and he said he did a he did a route around here to test it out and then go back and do it on the bolt and he said it was so The roads at home are exactly like he remembers with probably. And he would like so. So there’s another another way to do it if you don’t want to if you don’t want to sign up for swift

David Bernstein 47:13
and Richard, you’ve been riding indoors but you said just just you said if I remember the way you put it You said you know, just on a trainer,

Richard Masoner 47:20
yeah, just on a trainer earbuds listening to trying to find music tracks that are the right BPM, which is, you know, I’m finding all these spinning, indoor cycling, spinning tracks that are kind of fun to listen to. I’m a, I’m a real neophyte when it comes to trainers because where I live, the cycling weather is pretty much year round. And some of the things that Tim talked about as far as I am doing some outdoor cycling because I live on the edge of the Santa Cruz Mountains and it’s not hard for me to socially isolate among these little one lane mountain roads and there’s no one out here. I’m seeing All right, yeah. But the problem is because there’s a lot less traffic the few people that are out there driving like in yaks. The CHP I suppose there’s article CHP are clocking people at over 100 mile an hour on on like these, like, not even highways. And I live for those that know the area I live off of Highway 17 in Northern California. And there’s just some really spectacular crashes even when the weather is nice. So that that has me a little concerned. I’m not normally afraid of traffic. But when people are just whizzing by at ungodly speeds, you know, just it gives me pause but I do still do. I’m doing some outdoor writing when the weather is nice. It’s raining today. It’s raining yesterday. It’s been often on this whole week. But I am doing more indoor cycling. So a friend of mine gave me an old Kind of a castaway magnetic trainer. So I set it up in my son’s now abandoned bedroom. And it smells like a gym now because I’m sweating like crazy.

Carlton Reid 49:09
Sport Suds.

Richard Masoner 49:09
And it’s well, you know what? I’ve been using them for several years now and I’m a happy customer. Right?

And they don’t even have to pay me to say that. But yeah,

yeah, yeah, they work well. Okay, and you know, I have my I have my trainer setup. So I look to look out the window, what to traffic and I’m just listening to music. So I yeah, I’m kind of looking at things like this cadence and speed sensors because I don’t even have Bluetooth attachments for those things. So I could hook it up to Zwift and I might, I might give that a shot this next week.

David Bernstein 49:52
There you go. Cool.

Donna Tocci 49:53
I have to say, if I can just jump in. People are coming up with some really innovative ways to See their cycle at home or I saw and you can see them if you search online there are these two little girls that were set up in front of a peloton and their parents had put their they had training wheels, you know, they’re a little. And their parents put the training wheels like on shoes. But I also if you go to Twitter and you search cycling rooftop, there is a guy that is is on his bike on a rooftop and he’s going around and around and it’s not even that big of a rooftop. So I think people are, you know, if you want to ride and you have restrictions, you know, Carlton was talking about restrictions or we have some here to there. There are ways to get in your ride. And

Richard Masoner 50:40
I think my wife’s

Donna Tocci 50:43
very innovative.

Richard Masoner 50:45
Yeah, my wife’s Jim said that they could. The customers longtime customers can borrow their spinning bikes if they want.

Jim Moss 50:53
Oh, wow, that’s cool. I saw I tweeted out a guy who could run a marathon on his eight metre balcony deck in

which just the turning every, you know, eight metres would just crank your needs it took me like eight hours or something like that.

David Bernstein 51:15
I mean Wow, that’s dedication. Oh well


Jim Moss 51:23
That’s stupidity! Yeah, I can’t you know what my trailer

you know the classic me on a trainer is the movie Up, you know and the yellow squirrel and the dogs all run the other direction is come on come on TV and it gets my attention and I fall off, you know, rollers and I get off my trainer that moves and I go back to my 30 year old Rei one that stationary, you know seikaly pair knees again, and I can write it and then another commercial comes on. I’ve done

just mentally it’s just more than

David Bernstein 52:04
one of the one of the problems you’re

Donna Tocci 52:06
talking about David that Yeah, I’m doing. Doing a century?

On a trainer?

Tim Jackson 52:14
Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of those. I’m still, I knew a guy who used to do that every year on his rollers.

Carlton Reid 52:23
Oh no. Okay, but, Tim

Who’s the guy who won the Paris-Roubaix and he just used…

Unknown Speaker 52:30
Matt Hayman. Yeah, yeah, from Australia. (2016)

Tim Jackson 52:34
Talking about a Cinderella story. Yeah, he spent the winter virtually pretty much only training for a number of reasons. I can’t remember what the reasons were if it was injury coming back from injury or, or just it was it? Yeah. Yeah. And and he spent almost the entire winter prep leading up to Paris-Roubaix training on a on a trainer as opposed to being on the road and then ended up winning the thing.

David Bernstein 53:00
You see that, Jim? You, too, can win Paris-Roubaix.

Tim Jackson 53:06
It’s how Merckx did it

David Bernstein 53:14
Yeah. Um, yeah. Okay, I was gonna, I was gonna, like go down the road of like talking about riding on cobbles because it’s not my thing but I’m not. I’m not going to do that. Hey, you know, but that bring Okay, two things before I want to switch gears here. No pun intended. First of all, yeah, thank you. So, yeah, so first Yeah, we’re taking a turn here, Jim be prepared. Firstly, one of the issues that people are having today because everybody is interested in getting on a trainer is that it’s getting harder and harder to find. I was just clicking through literally as we were talking on Jenson, USA, they’ve got them but their quantities are relatively limited. what’s what’s nice is that is that it’s showing that they’re going to be getting some more trainers in stock this week. So you know, make sure that you check Online check Jensen USA because they are harder and harder to find and I also suggest and I’ve made this tip before this is not my tip today so if you’re curious about which trainer to use if you’re curious about the differences between them if you’re curious about the difference between swift and suffer fest and trainer road and all the other things that are out there, the site to go to, in my humble opinion as DC Rainmaker, I just think that he does such he he his reviews are what I always wanted my Fred cast reviews to be he does such a great job and it’s so in depth. I think you should Yeah, really deep deeper sometimes then you may want but I’m telling you, rate is a great job DCs as in delta Charlie. go check it out. That’s that’s absolutely where you’re going to get the best reviews. That for those of you who maybe haven’t been riding indoors in the past Think that he’s really going to help you out and finding what you’re looking for. I do want to switch gears real quick and

Tim Jackson 55:04
similar to his his reviews on power metres for people who are Oh, yeah.

Carlton Reid 55:08
And he’s done drones. He does everything electric. Virtually everyone out there. Yeah,

David Bernstein 55:15
Drones, too?

Carlton Reid 55:16
do some very good reviews on like athletic drone so drones that will like follow you when you’re when you’re cycling. So it’s very good on that. What

Richard Masoner 55:25
I didn’t know there was such a thing.

Jim Moss 55:27
You see people skiing with them until they cut too close to a tower or tree.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
For sure.

David Bernstein 55:38
Let’s all sing George in the Jungle — “Watch out for that tree.”

Jim Moss 55:41

David Bernstein 55:43
yeah. Okay, so real quick. So for those of you that are cycling fans, I’m I, I, I are one.


you know, this is this is Spring Classic season. And yeah, right and there there are no springs classics. It’s like I, I go up and down my TV dial. And I see you know, the 1996. NCAA Final Four, or I think tomorrow they’re showing Rams chiefs from last year. I mean, it’s just all this former sort of sports stuff. Tim, I’m gonna come to you because I’m hoping that you know the answer to this question. Where are people finding their fix for professional cycling today?

Tim Jackson 56:25
Ah, they’re looking at YouTube or they’re dusting off their old VHS and DVDs because you know, they’re there’s nothing there’s nothing happening and current live actual cycling right now. It just, it just isn’t. So there’s a lot of

let’s rewatch the classic classic. Yeah.

So some folks,

Unknown Speaker 56:50
some friends, Jen C.

Tim Jackson 56:53
And Jason Thorpe. have both been trying to organise a Bit of classic classics and have been sharing links and times where on the weekend they’re all getting together and watching a given race and they’ll share the link to a recording on YouTube of you know the last 40 minutes of coverage of get bevel gum from 2009 or whatever so they’re they’re kind of trying to you know keep keep the Stoke alive and have some fun watching together as a group and you know sitting on Twitter and all commenting about Oh, do you see that move? Yeah, I remember that stuff like that so there’s there are ways to be creative about again getting that little bit of a fix but it’s it is very much a wasteland right now. Yeah, cuz there’s there’s just nothing happening. And I mean, hell that I mean, darn. There’s the the gyro has been pushed out with no confirm new date that The tour is in question. Although, you know, ASO is lobbying like crazy to continue to have the tour ramble on without an audience just so that it happens.

So it’s a little bit

Carlton Reid 58:14
They could do on Kickrs

David Bernstein 58:18
That’s right.

Donna Tocci 58:18
There you go

David Bernstein 58:20
through, you know now I mean, and that’s where cycling.

Tim Jackson 58:24
Cycling is really growing right now. Go ahead. Sorry to cut you off again David. But when I forget which one of the races it was think it was Paris-Nice when Paris-Nice was in doubt still went ahead. Mitchell Middleton Scott pulled their team from the race and instead did a series of swift events for their fans to interact with the riders. And it’s proven so successful they’re continuing to do that. Now other teams are looking at ways that they can do the same thing and and build and foster community with the team and the riders during this time and continue to you know, make the sponsors happy because let’s face it, if there’s no racing, what are the sponsors paying for? And you know, that’s that’s a big big deal right now. That’s one of the reasons why so many teams are saying the tour really needs to happen people because that’s what our entire sponsorship budget is based on.

Donna Tocci 59:24
Hmm, well, yeah. And I know in other in other sports like in a NASCAR, they’re doing i-racing, they’re actually having it on TV today. They did last week as well to be able to have their fans be able to connect or watch and I know that Tony Kanaan, who’s a an IndyCar driver, he’s very into cycling, and he does triathlons and long, long cycling. He every Monday, he’s going on Zwift, and He’s inviting his fans to come and ride with him or to lace him or anything like that. So I think you’re right Tim. People are They’re getting their sponsor names out there. And, you know, and all of that because even for those guys at that level, it’s the sponsorships. And, and, you know, frankly keeping fans engaged with them

you know, yep.

David Bernstein 1:00:17
Yeah. Well, shall I just quick question because I was I was totally going to go to down on the NASCAR thing and of course she brought it up and I’m glad that she did with with NASCAR doing their their virtual racing, which I think is really really cool. Is there no virtual other than than what Tim was mentioning with Middleton Scott is there no. Virtual bike racing?

Richard Masoner 1:00:40
right now. Let’s see if this will work. Here

Brad sohner on Twitter. and whatnot. He’s been posting video of path cyclists, okay. And he’s catching catch capturing. Yeah, like there’s a guy on a trailer. And he like, he sees a couple of women up ahead on a path. And so of course, he has to get into competition mode and he gets up out of the saddle to try to pass them. And this guy is doing like professional style, race commentary on these path cyclists. So today is you know, sir, yesterday was stage six of the Tour de Quarantine. And it’s hilarious. Yeah, it’s fun. Yeah, definitely worth it is. Tim, your thoughts? Sounds like you.

Tim Jackson 1:01:38
Oh, yeah, I it. I haven’t seen all of them yet. I need to get caught up on on where we are currently. But Brad is one of the better race announcers in the country. And he’s done a lot of big events and he’s taking his downtime from covering real events to creating the Tour de Quarantine and it’s very tongue in cheek And I’m pretty darn entertaining and I definitely definite hat tip to to Brad for that because he’s he’s adding a much needed level of levity to being trapped inside.

Richard Masoner 1:02:16
And he’s got GC rankings. He’s got somebody doing some pretty close to professional level of graphics and music. Oh yeah, he’s got he’s got helicopter sound effects, crowd noises and kettlebells and everything else so he’s got a pretty good team helping them out or if he’s doing it on on his own. He’s doing a great job. He’s nailing it, whatever.


Donna Tocci 1:02:39
you got to get the cowbell.

Richard Masoner 1:02:42
It’s a lot of fun to watch. It’s Brad sohner on Twitter. So h n er, and I think he’s doing it on Instagram and maybe his Facebook also.

David Bernstein 1:02:53
That’s awesome. So, Richard, is that your tip?

Richard Masoner 1:02:57
That’s my tip. Yeah, that sounds good. I mean, we’re an hour in, right?

David Bernstein 1:03:00
Which is a great transition.

Thank you.

I want to hear the clickety clacking of your keyboards because it is that time of the show the time that you love to hate. It’s the time that I’m going to ask you all for your tips. And just so to give you a little bit more time to look for what you want to talk about, I am happy to talk about my tips. Second, since Richard just did his, and that is for those of you that are looking for something to watch on telly, and you’re not and you want your your Fix of cycling, I found something new today. I think it was just recently released. And it’s it’s really fun to watch and really interesting. And that is a series, a documentary series on Netflix for those of you who have Netflix called the Least Expected Day and subtitled Inside the Movistar Team 2019. So, you know, there have been a lot of these kinds of sports documentary Over the last couple of years, it’s sort of been I as an NFL fan, there have been a number of them where they they profile one NFL team throughout its preparation for the season. And you know, every week, it’s another week in the life of that team. And this is a year in the life of the movie star team who was a dominant force in 2019. had, you know, the world champion on the team? And of course, you know, folks like Nairo Quintana who’s always a contender and always up there at the top, especially when we’re talking about mountain stages and things like that. It is really a very interesting study in professional cycling and for those of you who have wondered what it’s looked like on the team bus, and in the team car, and at team meals, it’s it’s a really great look inside professional cycling. I will warn you, it is in Spanish, and so if you don’t know how to read this is not the show for you. So Jim, sorry.

Jim Moss 1:05:02
I knew it was coming!

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Yeah, sir. No. Writing. They’re not very good at reading.

David Bernstein 1:05:11
So no, it is a really great show again. Wow. There you go. It’s called the Least Expected Day inside the Movistar Team 2019. You can find it on Netflix. And I hope that you enjoy. So now who do I go to next? Oh, Donna, thank you for raising your hand, you’re up.

Donna Tocci 1:05:34
I wanted to see if it would actually work.

David Bernstein 1:05:36
It did. And so now

Donna Tocci 1:05:37
you don’t know on our software here. You can raise a hand

Carlton Reid 1:05:42
Tim is flashing. I don’t know if that’s like a pyjama thing…?

Donna Tocci 1:05:50
So my tip is kind of twofold. One is not about cycling, I would say in the surreal times that we’re living in if you’re in the US, please Listen to Dr. Fauci. He seems to have the best affirmation. He’s very clear, concise. He’s not an alarmist. He’s not political. He’s just a scientist. And we listen to him a lot. So please listen to him. My cycling tip is these are very surreal times and for your mental health, whether you’re cycling or walking, you’re inside, you’re outside. Keep up your routine, do that support your local cycling community. And there are some ways that you can do that. by going to your local bike shop here, I know they’re offering curbside service, home deliveries even so you don’t have to interact with them as much but they would really, really like the business and also, if you were signed up for a local cycling event, and they offer a refund if you can, don’t take that refund because that may mean that that Event gets to go on another time. These are a lot of times these are small, you know, small organisations or your local bike shop putting on an event. They don’t have a tonne of extra cash. And sponsors may not be paying to be part of it because of contractual things, Jim. So if you can help support them and your local nonprofits if you had, you know, events that you were signed up for, and they offer a refund if you can, don’t take that refund because that will help them and that will help your cycling community going forward.

Those are my tips.

David Bernstein 1:07:36
I love it. Great tips. Thank you, Donna, Tim, because you were flashing raising your hand you are up next.

Tim Jackson 1:07:44
I guess no good deed goes unpunished. That’s right.

You know, mine would just have to be in line with my personal experience on swift and death. Definitely would be to remember even though you’re riding inside, and yeah, you’re sweating like crazy. Get a fan open a window, that kind of stuff is great, but also remember to keep hydrating. I’m pretty good on the bike on the road remembering to drink, you know, and I’m a big proponent of not dehydrating because it really stinks when you do. And I one of the first rides that I did on Zwift about halfway through it, I realised that that my right calf was cramping like crazy and I was like, what is going on and then I realised that at like, 45 minutes into this ride, I hadn’t even taken my water bottle out of the cage once yet I’m going full bore from the minute go. So remember to drink. It’s important, as well as if you’re going to go over an hour and God bless if you can, you got more more focus than I do. To you do still need to even though it’s indoor and you don’t feel like you’re getting a real workout your body still thinks you’re getting a real workout so remember to eat and drink on the bike because it just because it’s indoors on a trainer doesn’t mean it’s not the same effort

Carlton Reid 1:09:16
10 times add to that maybe also drink maybe after it’s not during but afterwards drink a warm drink even me hot drink because there’s been some studies [NO THERE HAS NOT, MY BAD!] that show that the coronavirus really doesn’t like anything above 40 degrees. So if you actually drink a hot cup of tea that’s doing your math some good so I’m personally I’m not a very hot tea drinker or hot coffee drinker. I have been drinking slightly hotter than I drinks and I have been previously so that’s that’s kind of it that’s not my tip, but it’s just general health tip is drink hot liquids. {THIS IS WRONG]

Tim Jackson 1:09:57
works great for my coffee.

David Bernstein 1:09:59
Me too and straight from the mouth of a partner of a doctor. So that’s that’s a great one. Love it, huh? Um, Mr. Moss, counsellor, what’s your tip? And by the way, thank you, Tim. That was that was what? Well, I mean just perfect for the times. So I appreciate that counsellor you’re up

Jim Moss 1:10:25

no. Why

not have a tip is

everybody is not getting as much money as they used to. I had my tires changed for the first time. When I got my tires changed winter tires to summer tires, and I left the $20 tip for the guys that did it. And they were ecstatic. I’m half the staff was gone. The other half was not making as much money. I tipped I got my car wash I tip You’re not spending as much money going out to eat dinner, or you’re not spending as much money to do other things. And if you don’t have the money, don’t tip. But if you can, I’m leaving tips. I’m carrying as many fives and 20s as I can, and I’m just leaving them wherever I can, to the people who need them, you know, the most to just try and help because I it’s those people, you know, 20 bucks helps. Hopefully, they’ll remember me and they’ll pick the right nursing home for me, but more importantly, more importantly, you know, if I can spread it a little bit when I had the opportunity, and right now’s the time to do it.

David Bernstein 1:11:38
Yeah. Good for you.

Donna Tocci 1:11:41
Oh, I love that. That’s great.

David Bernstein 1:11:44
quick story on that. My, my sister and her husband are, you know, for writing. They’re at a higher risk. And so they chose to do grocery pickup. You know, where you Everything they shot for you. And then they just put it in the trunk of your car. And so they left in the trunk of their car, an envelope with a tip in it. And the person who was putting the groceries in the trunk said, we’re not allowed to take the tip. And so my brother in law, to his credit, rolls his window down and drops it out the window and goes, oops, I dropped some money on the ground. And the guy was like, Oh, look, I found a 20. So, I agree. I agree with you, Tim. That’s that’s an excellent. That’s it. That’s it. Carlton, I am going to give it to you for the final

Carlton Reid 1:12:36
tip. Two kind of tips if you want some laughs and you’re on Instagram. And I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is a really cool one. Oh, Tim likes this one. And that’s feedzonenews. Great content and constant content, really regular stuff. And it’s just like he’s still going on. He maybe I don’t know. I think it’s a he. He’s still going and it’s true.

Tim Jackson 1:13:00
It’s a he and he’s a good guy.

Hey, yeah, okay, it’s

Carlton Reid 1:13:02
top quality content. Thank you Tim. My second tip and that is i mean i have i’ve got to admit, when I do go on the indoor on the bike I do use Zwift and I’m a big fat fan like Tim of Zwift. If you do get tired of the artificial world and the volcanoes and all that kind of stuff, and you crave in this in this weird time that we’re living, you absolutely crave a bit more reality. Then go to it’s called big ring virtual cycling. And it’s similar to what Donna was saying, but it’s also got tonnes of actual HD footage of genuine climbs and it may seem is like good climbs. So I’ll do as the LT which is the the volcano in tenor reef. It’s just got really good content of real stuff real Life riding, which is very different to Swift. But in this time and day and age, I think could be quite welcome. And right now, there’s not a plug but right now there’s actually a 14 day free trial. So maybe you can see the majority of the lockdown if you’ve got to lock down where you are with a free trial to two bigring virtual cycling. So that’s my tip, David.

David Bernstein 1:14:31
I love that one. I had not heard of it. I’m ashamed. I had not heard of it. And it’s, it’s it works with my trainer and, and a lot of others. I’m looking at it right now as I see I can hear everybody clickety clackety and I’m gonna give that a try today. I think I’m going to use that for my ride today. Thank you, Carlton. That was excellent. All right, I want to sort of go down as we always do, and just you know, everybody, let us know who you are and where you can be found. I will start and I’m gonna To go from the bottom and go to Carlton so he can wrap up the show as he normally does. So yeah, I’m David Bernstein, formerly of the Fred cast. Wow, always of the Fred cast cycling podcast. And if you go to the website, you’ll see that things are broken and ads don’t work and things like that. And I just I can’t bring myself to take it down. So if you crave if you crave, you know, cycling news from 10 years ago, be my guest. Go download the show and


We’ll run the show number one.

Don’t listen to show number one of any podcast including mine. But I think you know, we always say where can you find me? Well, right now you can find me right here at this desk. Because I’m not on an aeroplane. I forgot to mention, I travel a tonne. And I was just looking between January one and the end of March of last year, I had more than 20 flights already under my belt. And this year, I think I have four. So that should give you just an idea of the change that’s gone on. I would say that the place where I am posting the most these days is on Instagram. And so you can see all my great quarantine content, including my dog out for one of his umpteen walks per day. And that simply Fred casts that’s my handle on Instagram. So, enjoy. And by the way, Carlton, I just subscribe to feeds on news. So thank you for that. Um, Mr. Jackson, where can you be found?

Tim Jackson 1:16:24
Well, you know, we were talking about missing blogging, I miss blogging and have tried multiple times to kickstart it again and again, and it hasn’t worked. But they’re they people can find me at two wheels and half a brain on WordPress, but most of the time, right now I’m on Instagram, Timothy Jackson, and

I’m trying to think here for a second the the

one of the things that quarantine has been doing is forcing me not forcing me but allowing me To spend a heck of a lot more quality time with my typewriters and reconnecting with my other passion away from cycling, which is writing poetry. So I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Instagram account, analogue assassins. And there you can, if if you are interested in not knowing what my cycling brain is thinking, then that’s that’s where you can find that. Hmm.

David Bernstein 1:17:31
Excellent. Thank you, Tim. Richard. Hi.

Richard Masoner 1:17:38
The blog is still online, although I’ve updated it in over a year. But you see why CL I see io Cycle issues. Mostly you can find me on Twitter. See why ci I can’t even say it anymore because I don’t say it anymore. See why CL. e. Li CIO us cycle licious. Just search for my name on Twitter I think you’d probably find it Richard Masoner or Instagram occasionally just usually on the stories and that’s that’s more of a personal account but you know cycling discussion and whatnot on Twitter mostly.

David Bernstein 1:18:17
Excellent. Thank you

Jim Moss 1:18:18
Mr. Moss recreation dash that’s my website and not as frequently this year so far. It’s just been a crazy year. Recreation law if you want to get a hold of me or recreation law on Twitter it’s been a good year if we keep going and make it such if we keep worrying, we can make it a really bad one. So I’m going to make it a good year. Get my way I’m going to run you down but it’s going to be a good

David Bernstein 1:18:58
there was a positive difference. A positive message in there, folks. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate it, Donna.

Donna Tocci 1:19:09
You can find me on Twitter at Donna Tocci. Or you can find me on Instagram, off and on. That’s more personal stuff with my nieces and my dog, but also my walks and some cycling there. And that’s also Donna Tocci. So, I wish you all well and good health. And thanks for joining us again. Hopefully we helped your mental health a little maybe. I don’t know. It certainly helps with being with everybody. Yeah.

Carlton Reid 1:19:39
That’s cool. Amen.

David Bernstein 1:19:41
Amen. It’s always good to be with friends, isn’t it? Yeah. Yes, that’s it. Even if virtually all right Carlton, I am handing the reins over to you take it away.

Carlton Reid 1:19:52
Oh, thank you, David. I am mostly on Twitter at Carlton Reid. And then now where I used to say bye bye. I can now say so it’s and I’m doing a tonne of coronavirus stories and as all Forbes journals as all journalists full stop because unless unless you’re doing those kind of stories you’re not working at the moment that’s that’s pretty much the job in trade for journalists coronavirus stories. So this has been David this has been everybody this has been Episode 241 of the spokesmen. And I can actually say roundtable cycling podcast I have been I will admit I have been taken out the Round Table of late because we haven’t had the round table. It is so good to have the round table. Thank you for joining


today and actually having that virtual round table so it is the Spokesmen roundtable podcast, cycling podcast and show notes you can find as per normal on So the show notes for today, including all those lovely, wonderful tips that people gave will be on there. And my next or their next show will be 242. And it isn’t 242 some like magic number, or that just 42 I think it’s just 42 isn’t it? So 242 will be the next day just 40 Yeah,

Donna Tocci 1:21:23
we’re magic to that.

Carlton Reid 1:21:26
Yeah, there you go. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s 42 is the number. That’s right. Yeah, exactly. So 42 is there so it’s 10.2. I’m sure that’s also a very magical number. So that will be the next show. And I would absolutely like to have everybody on the show again. So if we are doing multiple weeks of lockdown, maybe we can, cuz we have this captive audience because we have you there and you can’t go anywhere. Maybe we’ll do this. This this show again in 242 will just be us. ranting and raving here.


get out there and ride indoors or a little bit outdoors if you’re allowed to. Goodbye, folks.

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