In conversation with Kyle Ranson and Jeremy Rider of Showers Pass

Episode 221


Thursday 18th July 2019

HOST: Carlton Reid

GUESTS: Kyle Ranson and Jeremy Rider of apparel and accessories brand Showers Pass.



A post-Impact Sun Valley catch-up with Showers Pass.



Carlton Reid 0:13
Welcome to Episode 221 of the Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable podcast. This show was recorded on Thursday 18th of July 2019.

David Bernstein 0:24
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Carlton Reid 1:09
I’m Carlton Reid. And on today’s half hour show, I’m chatting with Kyle Ranson and Jeremy Rider of apparel and accessories brand Showers Pass. Now, Kyle was on the show a couple of years ago, and he explained where the Showers Pass name came from. And it’s not where you think. I think it’s worthwhile actually getting him to repeat that. So I have got Jeremy and Kyle. And I’m in the UK. You’re both in the US. But you’re in different places in the US. So Kyle, where are you?

Kyle Ranson 1:42
I’m actually at a corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Carlton Reid 1:47
And that’s corporate of course is Showers Pass.

Kyle Ranson
That is correct. And Jeremy, you’re not in Portland, Oregon but you’re the same time zone, aren’t you?

Jeremy Rider 1:53
I am not in Portland. I am in San Diego, California working from my home office today.

Carlton Reid 2:00
Mm hmm. Now, just to, to kind of introduce you here is that we should have done this conversation in the US when I was there in Idaho for the Impact Media summit. But we didn’t do it there Jeremy so we decided to do it afterwards.

Jeremy Rider 2:19
That is correct. We were in beautiful Sun Valley. And we didn’t have the best audio at the time. So we decided to maybe put this off a little bit and have Kyle join us for for a little bit of a different take on things.

Carlton Reid 2:32
Exactly. It was windy, wasn’t it?

Jeremy Rider 2:34
It was very windy. We had quite the quite the bit of weather while we were there.

Carlton Reid 2:40
Yeah, it was unusual. So I’m going to stop you anyway, Jeremy and that is you’ve got a fantastic name for somebody in the bike industry.

Jeremy Rider 2:51
It does. It does work well having the last name of rider

Carlton Reid 2:56
So normally that is spelled Ryder. But yours is spelled Rider which iow do you spell rider as in a bike rider.

Jeremy Rider 3:03
That is correct. That is r i d e r.

Carlton Reid
So you were pro-ordained.

Jeremy Rider
I guess so Carlton.

Carlton Reid 3:13
Okay, now, Kyle, I actually went back to listen to the previous show. And I went back to listen to that previous show. So I wouldn’t ask you the same questions again, I suppose. But I don’t think there’s any harm in going backwards a little bit. And just reminding people who it was 2017. So it was two years before that. Or since that show went out. So let’s just

Carlton Reid 3:38
Uou are British.

Kyle Ranson
I am indeed. First off, I can’t believe it’s two years already. It’s very scary how time flies.

Kyle Ranson 3:49
I am indeed a British, I grew up actually in the north east of England. I’m a Geordie boy. But I’ve actually been over here in the US now for coming on 25 years. I have two wonderful little American girls that will actually have British passports as well, you’ll be pleased to hear. And believe it or not Showers Pass itself has been around over 20 years.

Carlton Reid 4:23
Now, even though we recorded that show and, I should know this, I had forgotten about the the origin of Showers Pass even though you know, you physically told me I should not be able to forget this. But the fact that Jeremy is in California kind of brings this kind of full circle here. So just tell us again, that Showers Pass got nothing to do with Oregon’s rain which which everybody assumes must be the the case it’s just tell us the California link.

Kyle Ranson
It’s kind of an irony because because the name Showers Pass, everybody actually assumes it’s all to do with rain showers. And we’ve allowed that play to continue. But the reality is, it was started in Northern California. And this little area where there’s actually a road called Showers Pass road.

Kyle Ranson 5:19
And that road goes into the topology of that road is such that you look like you can enter this particularly area on a clear day. And before you know it you’re actually caught in a rainstorm. And the the big the question of the story is was the name and the name of the road cold Showers Pass road because of that weather behaviour. Or was it because there is actually a largest state owned in that area by the very old family called Showers Pass so there’s a lot of a mystique around web and came from.

Carlton Reid 6:02
Hmm. Now I’m putting Jeremy on the spot here. Have you been to this road by any chance? Jeremy?

Jeremy Rider 6:06
I have not. I’ve been within a couple hours and we had some tentative plans. But we have I have never made it to Showers Pass road.

Carlton Reid 6:14
I know for a fact that that for an American that’s local. That’s just the house next door. Come on.

Jeremy Rider 6:22
It’s about nine hours north of me – California is a little bit of a big state

Kyle Ranson 6:26
But you’re absolutely correct – one of the things you learn about living in the US often people will jump in their car and drive two hours just to go out to dinner.

Carlton Reid 6:38
No, no, I’ve been there. I’ve kind of done that. When you go to press trips that happened and you go ‘why don’t we just go in the restaurant in the hotel?’ and we’re like two hours down the road. Exactly. It is quite freaky. Jeremy, we know what Kyle does. But Jeremy tell us what you do for Showers Pass.

Jeremy Rider 6:57
I head up our sales efforts with our key accounts and dealers as well as taking on the the PR side of things for Showers Pass. So being a small team that we are we all were a multitude of task. It all given times I would say

Jeremy Rider 7:16
correct guy and that is absolutely correct. One of the one of the things that we decided to do last year was actually bring our PR efforts in house so that we could have these you know, direct conversations with the likes of yourselves, Carlton.

Carlton Reid 7:32
Mm hmm. Okay, so how long you been with the company, Jeremy?

Jeremy Rider 7:37
A little over three years now.

Carlton Reid 7:40
Okay, so we’ve we’ve heard I’ll direct people to go back to the previous episode to get Kyle’s background with Compaq, wasn’t it? But Jeremy, where do you come from? So give us give us your background at that that three years before that?

Jeremy Rider 7:55
Yeah, sure. Sure, Carlton, I really cut my teeth and apparel in Florida. So I was I worked at Madison Avenue in New York commuted every other week from Houston, Texas. So I spent almost a decade with Ralph Lauren, and helping launch their technical products, fabrics and the RLX line into the golf and tennis arena. And then from there actually, I went to went on to work for Adidas for a number of years. And then I relocation led me to Portland, Oregon, and that’s where I found Showers Pass, and started the conversation with both Kyle and and his partner in the business. Steve Erickson. So that’s when I came on board.

Carlton Reid 8:40
And you’re always gonna be based away from the office.

Jeremy Rider 8:45
I wouldn’t say that I’m always going to be based away from the office. I’m currently based away from the office because of my wife’s my wife’s job, which relocated us back down to the San Diego area. So I’m constantly travelling I’m the one in the office who who does probably I would say the bulk of the travelling to visit or customers. So as long as I have pretty good access to to an airport i can i can be anywhere I need to be including Portland, where I was just last week. Yeah. And it’s actually it’s actually quite amusing called and was so used to seeing Jeremy’s face on the big screen in the conference room on our weekly staff meetings and conference calls. And when he actually does come and visit, we like to still put it up there because otherwise we feel quite this going to

Jeremy Rider 9:37
be real.

Jeremy Rider 9:41
It is quite a chuckle because we when we do have our staff meetings and I started to talk no one looks at me they look at this area. So even though that I’m there and I’m actually there in the conference room.

Carlton Reid 9:52
That sounds like a …

Carlton Reid 9:54

Carlton Reid 9:57
So what impressed me when I was in in Idaho and on that windy day when you’re when you’re showing journalists the stuff Jerry was it’s like oh, you’re doing them now you’re doing that you didn’t do that three years ago or two years ago. So you’ve even increased the range of things that you are doing – Showers Pass now does more stuff

Jeremy Rider 10:18
That we do Carlton the versatility of the brand, we’re not just rain jackets and rain pants any longer we make a full line of gear from waterproof socks and gloves which are are huge for us and it really opened a lot of doors to waterproof bag lines to a mountain bike collection that uses highly technical fabrics in quality making shorts and riding tops and in shirts etc.

Carlton Reid 10:49
And then fanny packs and everything I mean you like yeah you didn’t you didn’t some stuff

Jeremy Rider 10:52
We’re doing quite a lot and the hip pack that we had it was kind of nice to see the that get journalist to get on a on the on the backs of a lot of people in Sun Valley that that’s actually a brand new product that we recently launched at Sea Otter this year. And Kyle was a lot played a big part in that development and testing and getting that waterproof hit back off off the him

Kyle Ranson 11:18
I’ve never liked the way the Camelbak on my back when I’ve been biking and I’ve avoided it my entire cycling career almost and I was like you know there’s got to be a better solution. So that product is that we launched the you saw there is actually the first in a range of products that are coming out but the goal is is get the get that hot sweaty water pack off your back and and lower the centre of gravity and get it down. So it’s kind of it’s It was really fun developing those, the one, the one you’ve seen is the smaller one of the two, which we’ve already launched. The second one will probably be launchings for spring next year, but it’s been a lot of fun developing them in

Carlton Reid
But with that many SK use it must be it must be tough to sell into retailers for them to take severance take a whole line or is it that so much is online now people can take a whole line what’s what’s the dynamics there for you.

Kyle Ranson
That’s, that’s so true there. And we’ve actually experienced that our whole the whole business cycle and that they’ll will have some retailers that like to focus on some parts of our line depending on what their special specialty is. And we’ll have others focus on other areas. So we find we find that still today. You know, we’ve got we’ve got some stores that will only take mountain bike gear, we’ve got other stores that only take our waterproof socks and gloves. And then we’ve got others that specialise in waterproof jackets. And sometimes it’s depending on where they’re located. Yeah, we’ve we’ve actually never have had a partner that’s taken the entire line. So yeah, we see different things from different partners.

Carlton Reid 13:09
You don’t have an outlet store or anything?

Kyle Ranson 13:12
We do we do obviously, in today’s world, you have to play online. And so everything is available online from us and from some of our partners. And then once a year we’d actually don’t have a physical outlet store but we do have our corporate headquarters is now open to the public. And folks can come in and kind of browse and see what we’ve got. And then once a year we actually do have a warehouse sale where we’ll we’ll we’ll actually sell you know returns and if we do have any overstock which usually isn’t the case but we do we do once in a while do that

Carlton Reid 13:55
And how many people, Jeremy said it was a small team but how small?

Kyle Ranson 14:01
It’s very very confidential so if as long as we keep it between the three of us – currently 15 here in the US, couple in the UK and four in in Germany

Carlton Reid
And one of them is your brother in the UK.

Kyle Ranson
My brother does run Showers Pass UK and it’s kind of fun because he and I are very close we have been all our lives and him running Showers Pass the UK allows me to I get to spend a couple of hours every week every other day on Skype with him and just it’s it’s fun way of keeping close to your brother and he still northeast England yeah yeah he is in northeast England yeah new again Newcastle he’s actually in South Shields.

Carlton Reid
Oh okay south of the river, that doesn’t count …

Carlton Reid 14:58
So the Atlas jacket that’s the one with the the city print on yeah? I got a box at at Idaho with that print on which seems as though the print of all the cities is going across the line it goes on to more products and just one jacket?

Jeremy Rider 15:17
That’s correct, Carlton – it actually it’s the Atlas jacket has the map print all over it and then we do have a couple other that are more commuter specific with even more greater visibility in RR torch jacket that has more of the silver map reflect print. Uh huh.

Carlton Reid 15:38
So has that been a successful line for you? Because it was a very expensive the Atlas was a very expensive jacket and I just thought it’s a fantastic concept idea as maybe like you know, this is what you go to market and you and you say that’s your high end jacket, but it’s like, can you sell many of those?

Jeremy Rider 15:55
The Atlas acket is actually one of our top selling pieces in what we’ve actually is because of the versatility it really attracts people of all lives whether they’re a commuter and looking for a commuting piece that’s not hive is but still offers the principles with a map reflect to people who just love maps and it is a in really that that’s it is a it is a thing, Carlton, believe it here in the States, there are people who love maps, and they get together and they call the “mappy hours”s. This this jacket has kind of taken a little bit of a life of its own.

Carlton Reid 16:34
I didn’t realise that. That’s

Carlton Reid 16:35

Jeremy Rider
Yeah, but we have we’ve had fashion blogs, websites pick this up as well as Men’s Journal and Popular Mechanics here. Wow. So it does catch the eye because it is such a different piece and unique piece as well.

Carlton Reid 16:53
I mean, I love the jacket. I think in the last show, I told all of the jacket and it’s it’s pretty much the same jacket. what it was when I had it originally is like it’s so robust, it’s like that’s never going to go anywhere that’s that even the the reflectivity hasn’t rubbed off.

Jeremy Rider 17:10
It’s a very durable piece. It really is good for just going out to dinner or hopping on your bike. So the versatility of it I think I can speak to probably I think every one of the Showers Pass employees actually own that jacket and have that as part of their arsenal. So it’s variable love even with our staff, huh?

Carlton Reid 17:30
No, no, I can imagine that. So now tell me about the connection because you’ve got the the jacket that was that was at the signature jacket at an Idaho was the IMBA jacket. So when the connection and what exactly happens with that? The proceeds? Right?

Jeremy Rider 17:47
Yeah, and then that was that’s a partnership we started almost three years ago with IMBA and it was a way for us to partner together and help bring the the Showers Pass line into the world of mountain biking so this the IMBA jacket we actually was created to specifically for mountain biking. So we were looking for something that was going to keep you dry from the elements but also offer breathability, and comfort. And also, it’s a jacket that you know that that folds down well, whether you’re going to put it in your hip pack, or in a hydration pack that actually is on your back, it actually folds down nicely, that you can have the hood on or off. And then as part of our relationship with IMBA, you know, we do a contribution back of 5%. net proceeds go back to help good stewardship and build trails locally and nationally here in the States.

Carlton Reid 18:40
And that being like, like a, a good way into that market. So it’s like it’s a good thing to do, but it’s also kind of works from a sales point of view.

Jeremy Rider
It really does. I mean I from a standpoint of being able to show this to our key partners, they love the story with it, the store that the jacket you know of coming to us and Showers Pass we’re really good at building products that last and the quality and attention to details. So now you really have a a really great mountain biking jacket in a space where there really isn’t any other competition from a mountain biking jacket standpoint that offers the waterproof breathability the ability that we offer.

Carlton Reid 19:25
But you were saying before I think that the biggest sellers in your line, were the waterproof socks and gloves. Is that right?

Kyle Ranson 19:33
We sell a lot of waterproof socks and gloves a whole lot. So you

Kyle Ranson 19:39
basically got stuff there that last the whole Yeah, it’s a complete line as things know.

Kyle Ranson 19:46
It’s a complete line from your your spring and summer months all the way up into your wet weather and winter months. So we do have we have customers of all walks and life’s and not just while the brand’s DNA certainly is rooted in cycling, we have a customer base it’s just completely growing to people who love the outdoor segment just in general in are and then mapping folks.

Carlton Reid 20:14
That’s great. I mean I love I’m going to research that online now. You know, I love maps. So maybe that’s one of the reasons I like that jacket as well. I do love maps and I guess I’m not alone there and clearly I’m not alone.

Jeremy Rider 20:25
Well we like the map so much that obviously you saw them on your gift box that we actually did our consumer packaging is from the Atlas jacket

Carlton Reid 20:35
And even though that’s an awkward thing to bring up I’ve still got that it’s on my floor my office here I still have that box so it’s a cool box. Oh, I must have maps clearly I should go to these “mappy hours” I’m gonna have to Google this and and go to a map I don’t have to see the UK when I have to start it but I do love maps

Jeremy Rider 20:52
or you can be the trendsetter in the UK I think that would that would be great. And you know what that that actually brings up another point and you know one of the reasons we actually produce those night the nice boxes and you said it’s there on your floor that’s that’s what we want we want people to hang on to those this it’s too too nice of a box to just discard you know, you can find another use for it and it stands out because it is different and

Carlton Reid 21:16
that’s is it retail piece or was that a PR thing?

Jeremy Rider 21:19
No, this is every order that actually from our consumer direct that you know that’s part of the consumer experience for us is we want a package to go out and someone to be excited that they’re they’re learning whether they’re a brand new showers past customer or someone who’s been with the brand for you know 20 years when they get that box and open and it’s all about that experience and in that box just kind of tells that story so we get a lot of comments on the box because the packaging is done so well so we have it I believe four different sizes

Carlton Reid
You going to say you’re not going to do one I’ve got you’re not going to send that one pair of socks?

Jeremy Rider
No no no we have we have smaller ones just for just for the socks. We actually we had to had to build a smaller one that’s how many socks we were shipping out so

Carlton Reid 22:04
I can’t believe I’m now waxing lyrical about getting excited about a box

Carlton Reid 22:09
That people are going to be thinking, white, but if you get one of these but you’ll you’ll know what i mean it’s like it’s a cool it’s like an Apple product you’re getting you’re getting the boxes part of the the product when you get an iPhone or whatever, you know, the the box is is you know it’s a it’s a cool product to to the box that is absolutely part of the retail experience.

Kyle Ranson 22:29
Hey guys, I actually managed to join back in I think I’m not sure what happened. There was a technology glitch there but yeah, it’s it’s been really fun seeing people’s reactions to those boxes.

Carlton Reid 22:40
Um, no, I assumed I was at that it was a nice little PR thing. I didn’t realise retail. So that means everybody can get these boxes who bites from Showers Pass? That’s cool.

Kyle Ranson 22:51
Yeah, and the goal was to meet them fully recyclable as well, so that they’re completely recyclable. And people can when they get them, we’re finding people using them for all sorts of things. And then what we actually do is for any returns that we get, they get reused and sent. We reuse the boxes on

Kyle Ranson 23:12
I think it’s every other Wednesday we reuse the boxes. So hopefully nothing gets just trashed.

Carlton Reid 23:19
So which city is on the boxes because I’m assuming that must be easier to actually know which city is on there. Where’s the jacket because you’re telling me the last time is like on a revolving bit of fabric – each jackets different basically.

Kyle Ranson 23:33
And it is actually quite funny in the depending on the size of the box. And the way the print setup was done you you will actually see different sets and different boxes as well. But the irony of it is is that right on the front edge of the box is Portland, Oregon. And that just happened. I’d love to say it was by design but it was just happened to be where it fell when the die cut was done for the for the boxes, but it’s fun to see headquarters city right there on the box, huh?

Carlton Reid 24:10
So what’s coming up with showers pass.

Kyle Ranson 24:15
Wow, it’s there’s all sorts of things I just said one of the things that we have been excited about is is kind of addressing the carrying all your gear on all day mountain biking trip without having to have it in a backpack. And that’ll be a larger hit bag, which is coming out which is fun. We’re always hydrate Sorry, no hydration.

Carlton Reid
And with hydration?

Kyle Ranson
Yeah, we’re working and it will have hydration but in the form of soft collapsible water bottles, which are kind of fun. And we’re we’re partnering partnering with a company that’s got a great record in that space of delivering those soft water bottles. So they’ll basically be the equivalent of a full water bottle on each hip, which is kind of on so you’ll carry two of these. And very accessible for riding or when you stopped.

Carlton Reid 25:19
So external and you can, you can get them easily.

Kyle Ranson 25:23

Kyle Ranson 25:25
And it always was fun for me, we done a lot. We do a lot of testing out in Moab, just because that’s where I love to go. And it was kind of fun last time I was there. And often the riding style in Moab is it’s fairly technical and what will happen is a bunch of you will be riding together. And you’ll then kind of the leading ride or kind of stop and the group will regroup. And I was kind of watching last time I was there, we’ve done a particularly hard patch. So every was taking a snack and a break. Two of us had on new hip bag on the rest all had traditional backpack, hydration systems, every single one of them was struggling getting their backpack off, they were opening it up to get stuff the two of us that had on our new hip bag on just swivelled it around full access to our snacks tools will then we kind of chuckled and said, You know, we’re really onto a winner here really solves an interesting challenge that the people have with that. So that’s kind of fun seeing seeing that evolve and develop and, and come out.

Carlton Reid 26:33
And then as well. So I know it’s you, you’re in the biking space, but that kind of thing is also hiking.

Kyle Ranson 26:42
It is and and you kind of heard Jeremy say it, one of the things that we’re really focusing on is the versatility of our gear. We’ve had kind of heard it loud and clear from our customers, they say, Hey, we absolutely love you love your stuff. And the reality is, is when I’m not riding my bike, I’m still wearing your your gear. So our goal has been really to focus on all our new developments making. And the way I like to describe it is you know, we’re a Pacific Northwest meaning, you know, we’re headquartered here in the northwest of the United States, where we experience, you know, a real variety of climates from a lot of rain, snow in the wind of the sun. And what we’re hearing from our customers is like, guys, you know, I want my good work in it across the seasons, and across the activities that I’m participating in. You know, we’ve got we got folks that Yeah, they’re hardcore mountain bikers at the weekend, but they’re hikers, they’re kayakers, they’re runners, and then the weekend, you know, they’re going to a ball game with a family. And then they using our gear for all of the above.

Carlton Reid 28:03
I can imagine and that’s also good for you in that you can sell to a wider audience, not just bike.

Kyle Ranson 28:08
That’s absolutely right, was we’re seeing our customer base absolutely spread out from you know, beyond the bike, which is which is good for us. And it’s fun seeing the brand in areas where we haven’t seen it before. So it’s kind of … it’s fun part of growing up.

Carlton Reid 28:25
Mm hmm. And Jeremy, can I ask you, because you were at the event, so that is actually going to be directed at you even though you may have briefed Kyle on this. How did you find the event? How did you find Impact Media Summit for you?

Jeremy Rider 28:41
For me, personally, it was fantastic. It was such a with me being somewhat new to to bring in the PR in house and me kind of steering that ship, just having an opportunity to meet the press, you know, personally and actually, you know, have you guys come by and you know, I did a little bit more of a choreographed event where each person was getting not necessarily the same thing is to test the gear out. So just from an up close and personal and getting able to being able to build a relationship. I thought it was just fantastic. And with us being there and some of the inclement weather that we did have, it really did play to our brand with a lot of with some some nice photography and impressed as well. So that was just an added bonus to being in a beautiful.

Carlton Reid
So that is a good point. Because I suddenly ran into you straight away telling you I was freezing. Because I was saying that it’s Sun Valley, it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous weather. And it really wasn’t it was it was well, it was a mountain town. So it is going to be changing. But every time I’ve been there, I’ve been there a number of times, it’s been fantastic. I didn’t pack a shell. I didn’t pack warm weather gear. So I ran to you first and said you, Jeremy, you’re gonna have to keep me warm here because I’m freezing on that first day. You did

Jeremy Rider 30:02
Matter of fact you you actually moved your appointment up. You were the first one to come see me. So I had to make sure I was here for you.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
My teeth were chattering so much. So the Impact Media Summit was a bunch of journalists but it was also Outerbike so you also talking to consumers …

Jeremy Rider 30:24
It was I did a lot of consumer facing talking. And we actually one of our partners was actually there as well, which is Western Spirit. And a lot of their guides actually lead the rides. And coincidentally, you know, those guys are there and they’re leading the rides. And one of their favourite jackets we’ve already talked about is the jacket. So so it was really cool to be able to see that many people with Showers Pass products on.

Carlton Reid 30:50
Western Spirit jacket at some point?

Jeremy Rider 30:52
Well, we actually do a little custom screening. So all their guides actually have Showers Pass jackets with the Western Spirit logo on the chest. So it was it was a great experience overall. And you know, it was well it was a small event, you know, I believe was a little less than 400 consumers came through over the three days it was it was a real meaningful event of actually being there and just answering questions and seeing people who actually already know about the brand and also the customers who did not realise that Showers Pass was into the mountain biking and gravel space. So it was very impactful for us. And I enjoyed my time there and I’m really hoping, hoping that I get an invitation to participate in this media summit again.

Carlton Reid
And when you say you enjoy your time there, did you go on a bike at all?

Jeremy Rider
I did. I had a couple little times in the afternoon where I could kind of jet out and nothing too technical but was able to make it out and try to get some photography for our social feeds and and just grab some really some quality photos of people wearing Showers Pass because we love seeing that kind of thing. And we love to share those things to our show social channels as well.

Carlton Reid
Well actually that’s that’s that sounds like a pretty good place to end actually. So tell us your social channels, tell us your your website details and and that can be the end of the show.

Jeremy Rider
Wonderful. You know here in the States, you can go to Showers Pass dotcom. That’s our consumer website. You can follow us on Facebook. It is @ShowersPass on Twitter. It is Showers Pass as well on Instagram.

Carlton Reid
It’s Showers Pass on everything, that’s very easy.

Jeremy Rider
It’s very easy. Everything’s exciting. Okay. Yes.

Carlton Reid 32:41
Excellent. Well, Jeremy, thank you very much. And Kyle for the second time, thank you for being on the Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast.

Carlton Reid 32:52
Thanks to Kyle Ransom and Jeremy Rider of Showers Pass there. And this has been Episode 221 of the Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast. Show notes and more can be found at And that’s three shows so far this month. I’m not planning on bringing any more out in July but opportunities to grab audio with interesting people in the bike biz can happen at any time. So never say never. But in the meantime, get out there and ride.

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