Old crew is back

10th October 2022

The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast

EPISODE 309: Old crew is back

SPONSOR: Tern Bicycles

HOST: David Bernstein

GUESTS: Tim Jackson, Donna Tocci, Jim Moss, Carlton Reid


  • What is everyone up to these days?
  • The Hour Record
  • UCI Gravel Worlds
  • Cycling Tips Reporter Disallowed From Worlds in Australia
  • UCI Changes Rule to Combat Aero Advantages in Time Trials
  • Official at Finishing Line Gets Handsy with Lorena Wiebes
  • National Cycling League
  • Electric Bikes

David says:

Tim says:

  • UCI Gravel Worlds
  • UCI is “sport washing” some bad actors, still/ again/ as always … (link?)Can’t I just rail, as always? (TIM- part of a Twitter dialog, with Joe Lindsey, I’ll try to find. Lapartient gave a tepid response to reporter’s question about risk of sportwashing- basically, “we need the money.”)
  • Bike market is auguring like a lawn dart. (???)
  • e-Bikes are here to stay, even as Rad Power Bikes is getting sued into extinction, battery fires are making the news, Florida hurricane Ian e-bikes represent a huge fire risk through the damage/ flood zones … (David loves his eMTB) ?

Jim Says:

My truck last night bringing 19 bikes back from the BSA Camporee.

Josh Reid https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvtrjFpGvwkihRfAQxlywYg

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