Riding High — Preview of the UCI Road World Championships Course, Switzerland

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The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast

EPISODE 251: Riding High — Preview of the UCI Road World Championships Course, Switzerland

Saturday 25th July 2020


HOST: Carlton Reid

GUESTS: Swiss Cycling guide Christian Paul, Verbier tourism’s Elise Farquet and Adam Sedgwick of Haut Velo



Hotel Mirabeau

Haut Velo

Switzerland rated the most coronavirus-safe country in the world.

UCI Road World Championships 2020

Tour des Stations

Christian Paul ascending to the Col Grand St. Bernard, Switzerland


Carlton Reid 0:14
Welcome to Episode 251 of the spokesmen cycling podcast. This show was engineered on Saturday 25th of July 2020.

David Bernstein 0:24
The spokesmen cycling roundtable podcast is brought to you by Jenson USA, where you’ll always find a great selection of products at amazing prices with unparalleled customer service. For more information, just go to www.Jensonusa.com/the spokesmen. Hey everybody, it’s David from the Fredcast cycling podcast at www.Fredcast.com. I’m one of the hosts and producers of the spokesmen cycling roundtable podcast for shownotes links and all sorts of other information please visit our website at www.the-spokesmen.com. And now, here are the spokesmen.

Carlton Reid 1:09
I’ve just returned — by train — from the Swiss ski resort of Verbier where I spent three days riding a road bike in the high alps. The final day was a leg stretching preview of the tough Tour des Statipns sportif due to be staged for real on the 8th of August. The first two days were spent exploring the area where the UCI Road Cycling World Championships will be staged between the 20th and 27th of September. I’m Carlton Reid and I can report that travelling to Switzerland was like travelling back in time — the country successfully contained the novel coronavirus and, if anywhere will be able to host a major international sporting event anytime soon, it’ll be Switzerland. On today’s show I speak with Adam Sedgwick, the founder of Swiss-based cycle touring company Haut Velo, and I talk with Elise Farquet of the Verbier tourist board who describes how, if you want to get out here to watch the world championships and do some great road and mountain bike riding of your own, the ski resort of Verbier is very much open for business. But first here’s an on-the-bike interview with cycling guide Christian Paul as we rolled out from the old town of Martigny to huff and puff up the 20km hilly loop that’ll likely decide the world championships.

Christian Paul 2:42
Hi there I’m Christian Paul. Swiss Cycling road guide and living in Verbier for Haut Velo.

Carlton Reid 2:50
And Christiab we are riding on some resurfaced roads as beautiful black tarmac here in the beautiful fifth town of Martigny I’ll just describe what we’re coming through. So this is like a mediaeval town used to be a Roman town. It’s a beautiful painted buildings we’re going through, but it’s very narrow. And this is where the pros are going to be coming through pretty fast after how many kilometres do they

Christian Paul 3:18
Like so they have done roughly 180kms, rather on the flat

they would have faced a lot of wind already so there was some battle going on, especially on the last 30, 40 Kms before we arrived here, and there’s gonna be a bottleneck there’s gonna be the better to get in front of the peloton, because then as we as we will see in a second it will get quite narrow

Carlton Reid 3:45
and hairy pin and then it goes up. It goes up because they’ve already done what I’ll just explain, we have already done one

grand boucle around we’ve done one route round because this is going to be a 20 kilometre loop

Christian Paul 3:58
20 kilometre kilometre loop for kilometres of steady steep climb average of 10.5 ish percent up to 14%. So and as we’ve seen before

you can’t really see far ahead

once a few guys escape you won’t see them anymore.

Carlton Reid 4:21
And how many loops are they gonna be doing?

Christian Paul 4:23
Seven loops. One loop is 20 Ks and roughly about 450 vertical metres of climb per loop. So they’re gonna do like 140 Ks of climbing at the end of the race well not climbing but looping hundred 40 Ks mountain challenge. I mean, it was prepping up

Carlton Reid 4:43
we’ve done this route and it was pretty tough in part so there’s a few ramps where it goes up to like 14, 15% I mean, this is not for the faint hearted. This is gonna is it gonna hurt that many times round.

Christian Paul 4:58
That will hurt That will hurt a lot and for me it will clearly give the advantage to pure climbers at the end of the race for sure first couple of loops perhaps is regroup more.

Yeah, I’ll be my breakaway down. Yeah breakaways. In the first three four news you’re rockin

the peloton gonna stretch out and be getting lighter and lighter and lighter every loop. Before final, final better gonna start for the last two loops I guess.

Carlton Reid 5:30
So we are on the route here now. And then what will come through that the resurfacing there. It was for the World Championships?

Christian Paul 5:41
It was Yes, and it just done this

as well as we see the final loop is everywhere on the most smoothest tarmac and reworking the roads and infrastructure for the World Championships. There’s a lot of effort in it.

Carlton Reid 5:57
So that’s one benefit to the local region. staging something like this you get your infrastructure upgraded.

Christian Paul 6:03
Yes. That’s what happens all the time after such a beautiful race then the population is having wonderful infrastructure after that, that’s for sure.

Carlton Reid 6:13
Yeah. And then when the climb were doing before on the loop, they were also fixing the roads. Yeah, you couldn’t you couldn’t actually get through on a car. We get through on bikes, but that’s also preparations

Christian Paul 6:29
or preparations for World Championships. Yeah. And makes it even nicer to ride right now because the cars on the road but we are

Carlton Reid 6:37
people you met some of your compatriots before there was a big German group of riders going on their course. So basically, people are coming out here already to ride the course.

Christian Paul 6:48
Yes, taken advantage of beautiful weather, good roads, and discover at the same time. And we see we’ve seen a big Belgian group as well just crossing as before. 20, 30 riders So cycling this cycle is getting more and more popular in the region. It’s good

Carlton Reid 7:06
but we’re still gonna have the virus the virus hasn’t gone so this route we’re doing now

I’m getting now breathless so we’re now definitely going up hill This is going to be barriered off so

it’s gonna be in a different race

Christian Paul 7:24
different race. We would have loved to see it the people in ways the climbers and encourage them and as we see it on all these big races, but now due to safety reasons we have to obviously take take all the measurements to keep it as safe as possible. Yeah.

Carlton Reid 7:42
So people are meant to be one metre apart

Unknown Speaker 7:47
when they’re spectating; tough to police.

Christian Paul 7:51
Yeah, we’ll we will see.

In this loop up to 1500 person To assure safety 1500 people from the organisation protection of civil army police and been evolved to keep the

safety up.

Carlton Reid 8:16
And how many people are they expecting on this particular climb, because there were many things

Christian Paul 8:21
Well, the descend there will be few people, even though it’s going to be a very interesting place to see because you see them fly past over 100 Ks an hour. But on this climb, initially, they did expect 50 to 60,000 people on these four kilometres.

Carlton Reid 8:38
And they’re now saying less

Christian Paul 8:41
obviously. So we will see how, how it will be managed. And it’s a big challenge. It will be very different than what we have left to say. I hope and I hope that people pay The game and stay safe and respect. as what we see in Switzerland. People do respect a lot of situation.

Carlton Reid 9:07
So how is the the pandemic in Switzerland? And because you were telling me yesterday that you’ve, you’ve had the virus?

Christian Paul 9:14
Yes, I did in I had a clear in the beginning of March got in fact, the first week of March. I was

I was down like for a week could move had all the symptoms and I was unable to do serious sports for two months. And now ever since picking up and now it’s almost back to normal luckily. And the region

Carlton Reid 9:41
also people many people have had the virus you think?

Christian Paul 9:44
Yes, as we’re based in Verbier ski resort. We had very international clientele coming from the four corners of the world and obviously we were one of the hotspots of Corona in the country. So I guess, what I feel, what I see around 70% of the people around me had it


we had luckily very very few people dying in the resort. this was one person actually which was the old or the lady 92 years old.

So one too many

Carlton Reid 10:25
and then the safety for the riders How do you know how they are being protected?

Christian Paul 10:31
I mean bubbles,

the riders during the championships Yeah. So this is done in the hands of a UCI during the bubble. They are in hotels where there’s no contact with friends or other people living into this same place. no direct contact with journalists, no direct contact with fans. Arrival zone is completely shut off public and 70 thousand square metres of surface and they will then

assure safety by

scanning everybody in taking, taking details using the app to track and luckily it will work out. Hopefully it will work, work out like that. Ooh, la, la — a big truck coming.

Carlton Reid 11:25
So I’ve been shocked I was the outcome from the lockdown country. Well, I’m just coming out of it.

But quite and safely I would say, whereas here, it’s almost normal.

There’s very little difference. So you seem to have done pretty good here.

Christian Paul 11:42
I think we were extremely lucky. So people do respect the rules, people follow the recommendations from health health system and the government and did play the game and I think I’m not a medicine but You see the result, people were really relaxed you’re in throughout the time

helping each other, stepping back, and

respect, safety distance and all that.

Carlton Reid 12:16
So describe the geography here. So this is basically the old road into France.

Unknown Speaker 12:21
This is the old road of the Col de La Forclaz, which is going from Martigny, to Chamonix or Switzerland to France. And this is the old road

Christian Paul 12:33
snaking up from the old vineyards and villages.

Carlton Reid 12:38
But, again, absolutely butter smooth asphalt.

Christian Paul 12:42
Brand new tarmac,

Carlton Reid 12:43
and then the descent, which we eventually do after this ramp, or a few kilometres away, is again, it’s just Sticky, sticky tarmac. So the pros as he said, they’re gonna be doing 100 kilometres at least, I mean, we’re doing without even pedalling, we were doing 70 kilometres an hour and not even Chasing no not doing anything. And then over to our left

is the route into Italy over the Col Grand St. Bernard whi h we did yesterday, which was fantastic.

Christian Paul 13:16
It’s such a nice area here. You’re just, you’re just a few K’s away from France from Italy call it you go for nice bike ride for coffee to Italy and come back. Look at these views. Look at that. Yeah,

Carlton Reid 13:31
it’s beautiful.

The pros aren’t gonna be looking at the views.

Christian Paul 13:37
I’m very sure they won’t, no.

Carlton Reid 13:39
But I’m sure the helicopters

will be. So you’ve got this incredible valley from Sion through, so the helicopters gonna be up here. Looking at the vineyards, looking at the ruined castles

looking at the fantastic asphalt and pros pointing at 120 kilometres an hour down. So it’s gonna be scenic. And it’s going to be selling the region which is why tourists boards local municipalities that’s why they want big events like this. Here you come. Forget virus just it’s good to have these events for the TV audience.

Christian Paul 14:14
Yeah, well, I don’t I wouldn’t say forget virus but deal with it. They were the proper way and in a logical way. And that’s what seems to work quite well here. And it not only seems to work, it does work.

Carlton Reid 14:31
Switzerland certainly has dealt with it. If you’re looking for a slice of normality, you could do a lot worse than getting out here for some R&R. Rest and recreation?

Nah! Riding and riding.

Fancy some of that? Adam and Elise can explain more, but first here’s my co-host David with a short commercial interlude.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
Hey Carlton, thanks so much and it’s it’s It’s

David Bernstein 15:00
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Carlton Reid 16:24
Thanks, David, and we’re back with episode 251 of the Spokesmen podcast. If you’ve the time, cash and geographical ability to get on out to Switzerland I’d heartily recommend it right now. The riding is excellent, of course, but it’s the way the country is operating almost normally that was the big shocker for me. Anytime would be the right time to visit, but for road cyclists there are two dates that are especually attractive. The Tour des Stations sportive will be staged on 8th August and, as of today, there are 30 places left on the 85km version of the ride, which doesn’t sound that far but there are two killer climbs, with the finish on the 2,174m Croix-de-Coeur pass, followed a swift sweeping descent into Verbier. The next date to consider is between the 20th and 27th September, the week that the UCI Road Cycling World Championships takes over the Valais region. The UCI is based in Aigle not too far from Martigny, as you’ll hear Elise Farquet of Verbier tourism mention. And after Elise we’ll hear from Adam Sedgwick of Haut Velo.

Elise Farquet 17:46
Hello, my name is Elise Farquet. I’m working at the Verbier tourism and I’m in charge of the public relations.

Carlton Reid 17:55
Okay, now it’s a beautiful day here. You get many beautiful days here. Yes.

So it’s a fantastic place for you to, to work. Now, this fantastic place is going to be shown off to many 10s of thousands of people in in September. However, there is a big pandemic around the world that could prevent that happening, or has certainly maybe changed some plans. So what has changed for you as tourism? With with COVID-19? How, how has that changed your thinking around how you’re going to organise around this event?

Elise Farquet 18:40
Yeah. So first of all, we have the chance to be here in Verbier in a really beautiful place in Valley, here in Switzerland, and we have the chance to be in a country that’s our authorities and the government’s have been really proactive in then in the In the way they have, they have done all the restriction You know, it was not so hard as in French for example, but the population is really involved in following these rules and going in then in the good way if I can say that like this and so, of course, for the for the events we have to organise here in Verbier and Val des Bagnes we had to take care of all this restrictions and of the distance creation norms and as well, now in every public transport, everybody has to carry a mask. And, yeah, in terms of organisation of events, we have the chance to have been supported by the municipality of the Commune de Bagnes. That pushed a lot of activities here in them. The resort and of course, we we have, we are really lucky to have signed the contract to be in partnership with one of the official sponsor of the World Championship for for this year. And for for for us, it was really a big chance to be associated with such such a famous race. And that will take place from the 20th to the 27th of September, it’s going to be the first edition taking place in the department of Valais and Aigle you know, it’s the base of the UCI. So

in a like,

yeah, it’s a it’s the base. And

and, yeah, we don’t know actually for the moment if this event could could take place as we want and they’re welcome all the guests as normally in the previous edition of the World Championship was met all the authorities are doing their best to welcome the public and the athletes in the better condition. We could.

Carlton Reid 21:10
Yeah. So we got some economic figures last night. Yeah. of the the impact on tourism. Yes. How many people you’re hoping to get coming? Were all those figures we saw last night pre COVID? or were they even now Covid figures?

Elise Farquet 21:30
It was really pre COVID It was then some, some numbers we get from the previous editions of the World Championship. It was in partnership with the University of Zurich, I think — it was a study made around the impacting economy of that. But of course, as we don’t know what’s going to happen in September, you It’s the best. How to say that it’s the best numbers.

We have mentioned yesterday evening, actually,

We don’t know the impact, because

for the moment, it’s really a big, big question for the next edition.

Carlton Reid 22:20
Yeah. So when I’ve been in Switzerland Yes, people are wearing masks on public transport and in restaurants you there’s a sanitation there’s alcohol, yes on your your hands, all of this, which I’m not used to. But it looks as though it’s much more relaxed than certainly where I’ve come from. So that’s very attractive to tourists. They can almost leave their their countries where it’s I mean, America can’t leave the country, but say British people, French people, they could come here and actually almost forget that COVID exists because much more relaxed here?

Elise Farquet 23:01
Yeah, perhaps I think it’s more relaxed. But you know, all the all the partners we have here really would like to to follow those rules. So if you would like, for example, to book a table in a restaurant, of course, you have to give your name. And to have this kind of app. Yeah, there is an app as well, has been created by the government to follow the people around, and to avoid that the virus gets stronger and stronger. But all the partners are really involving all involved in in following those rules, too. Of course, to to, to make the guests to enjoying the best slay as they can.

Carlton Reid 23:47
Yeah, because it says it’s the World

Championships, which obviously means there are people from around the world. Yes, who are going to be spectating and also competing in the race itself. I mean, the words That was it. How many

people that I have here


1200, 1200 athletes coming from all over the world, and that is a definite figure rather than how many tourists you might get here. So, is that a concern that you’re bringing lots of people from around the world to a world championships? Mm hmm. And then that could be flare ups of caillard.

Elise Farquet 24:27
Yeah. You know, now the European Union and as well, the governance has, has now how do you say that the blacklist of the country that are, you know, more subject to have more covered by COVID some people there, so, unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s all the athletes from all over the world could could come here due to those restrictions. But, uh, but yeah, we trust in the US. We’re government and if they say, Okay, let’s all the guests of those countries are welcome in our country. We we are happy with that and we trust we trust them for that part.

Carlton Reid 25:11
So if someone’s listening to this or if somebody is reading any of the articles I’ll be writing about this this trip and people think oh, wow, let’s just last minute. Let’s just go here. Yeah. Can you get hotel rooms? Or in say the key areas like Verbier and down in the valley in Martigny? Yeah. Will hotels be booked?

Elise Farquet 25:34
Hmm I’m sure we have the chance here in Verbier to have in the valley to have 19 hotels available for for the public, but as well, we have lots of second second home second apartments in chalet available for renting. And that’s one of our strong strongest strong friends. Yes. Because the you know, if you come with your friends With a small group of friends or just with your family, you can have your own apartments and, and don’t don’t be in contact with perhaps all the people. And yeah, that’s that’s a good, really good other options instead of, of hotels.

Carlton Reid 26:17
So these these Airbnb type things or just

Elise Farquet 26:22
we have lots of rental agencies more than, I don’t know 10 or 15 rental agencies here and yeah, they have many chalet and appointments

Carlton Reid 26:32
so people can they can bring up Yeah, last minute. Yeah. And you’ll be able to get availability you think

Elise Farquet 26:38
yes, because you know, here in Verbier, we’re quite famous for the winter season. We are the biggest ski resorts here in Switzerland. So just to give you some some numbers during the all year round, we have 8000 people living here during the full year, but during the winter, we have 30,000 people living here. So during the high high period of the winter season for New Year or Christmas, so you can imagine that we have the capacity to welcome all those guests in our destination. Yeah.

Carlton Reid 27:12
And how many people I mean, because the the World Championships is taking place

around a big area. Yes. So how many people do you think you’ll attract? via we’re definitely going to be watching. Yeah, the World Championships.

Elise Farquet 27:28
Um, it’s a it’s a huge question. We were not expecting a special amount of people actually, we get Of course, we hope that a lot of people will come here to visit because Verbier is really positioning as a perfect base base place to to to cycle and just around. So of course, it’s not far away at all from the starting points of Aigle or the arrival in Martigny will only 30 minutes. To get away from Martigny so so yeah we we hope that loads of people will come here and will enjoy as well the other pleasure you can find here such as hiking biking we have activities for family as well so if the dad would like to do like a nice trail with road cycling he can and the family field group perhaps just a nice hike and and all the people the good tips as well that that is all the people staying here at minimal of one night get a get a pass called the VIP pass for Verbier Infinite Playground the first letters and with this pass you have all the you get the free access to all the cable cars to all the bus transport connection, you have more than 50 activities for free or at preferential rates in all over them the destination so cultural activities or sports activities. And so that’s quite a good plan as well to not to pay too much to stay here and to enjoy the race here the World Championship and as well as some other activities in the region.

Carlton Reid 29:14
So I’ve been told that when the Tour de France came here in 2009, yes, you are still getting tourist impact yet from that event, so people remember 2009 put it in their head must go to Verbier for cycling. Is this true? Yeah, an event that’s now a decade ago. Yeah. Is still having an impact. And if so, even if you didn’t get people coming to Verbier because they’re worried about COVID they will see it on the TV and they will then think right, well, when Covid’s gone, I am going to go to

Verbier. So is this

is this how the Tourist Board views events like this and the Tour de France?

Elise Farquet 30:02
So, actually the race wants wants to say that go to Verbier actually, but we are in the area. So, as we are already famous you know as destination that people can say okay we have followed the race. And now we see a little bit the landscape we see the possibilities and why nots coming perhaps here in the destination to enjoy other passes. We we can offer to the cyclist here and, and, yeh, regarding the impact of the economic impact we have, of course, the world championship is is a big opportunity for us to have a nice visibility all over the world that the valet departments that Martigny and Aigle will have Health visibility. And for us it’s really nice to have been associated to such a big race as a official sponsor to have our name at the physical with this brand and and of course here in the area, the economic impact for the Tour de France was was quite big because, you know, all the public came here and just eat in the restaurant and just spend a night and and after that we had the chance that this specific race from Pontarlier to Verbier happy the people remember this race because Contador has done something super human or I don’t know how do you would like to extra? Yeah, extra special.

Carlton Reid 31:52
And how can people, if they are staying here, how can they go and watch the race? is there? What public transport Yes,

you can leave your car here Oh Have you got a train of course to Le Chable. So if you’re say staying in Verbier and you want to go and watch the race, how would you do that without a car?

Elise Farquet 32:10
Without a car, it’s really easy actually you You just have to, to let your car here in Verbier have that you have the possibilities of going down to Le Chable by bus. So the cable car or the cable car and the bus and the cable car are free. And if if you if you spend a night here, so it’s quite a good plan. And after that you have a direct train going from from Le Chable to Martigny in 25 minutes you your arriving in Martigny and martinis really the big place where the final will take place in the final lines is so

Adam Sedgwick 32:46
I’m Adam Sedgwick from Haut Velo.

Carlton Reid 32:50
Haut Velo is a Swiss company or a British company because you’re not from Switzerland.

Adam Sedgwick 32:55
Correct. I’m originally from Kendal in Cumbria the Lake District reside now in Switzerland and I run a cycling holiday business. It is a Swiss business based from Verbier. We deliver tours around Europe so far, potentially further afield in the future, hopefully, with guiding local guiding around Verbier in the Valais region of Southern Switzerland. And we also run sort of cycling holidays in this area

as well. So yeah,

Carlton Reid 33:20
so we’ve had Christian, who’s been taking us around from Haut Velo. He’s been with us for the last few days. So we’ve done some parts of the

world championship route, and then today, we’re doing the Tour de Stations, which is what sounds like from the briefings are just escaping the briefing there that it’s gonna be a pretty tough ride, which means when you bring in clients out here, there’s some pretty tough stuff or do you also do more gentle stuff? Are you high end, you know, like, what kind of level of ride are you going for?

Adam Sedgwick 33:52
I think you probably need to be an experienced rider to ride and to do to do justice to area. I mean, it’s Alpine. It is, you know, long long climbs with nice sweeping descents. There are flat areas sort of over in the valley, the Rhone Valley, and beautiful and stunning but I think you’d be limited after a few days of riding down there really. So for me, definitely it’s Alpine conditions, long, beautiful sweeping climbs. Everything that comes from sort of Alpine cycling really.

Carlton Reid 34:22
Now we are here to preview the World Championships. And as I’ve been here, it is almost been like somewhere where there isn’t any Coronavirus, because so it seems to have not quite eradicated it, but it’s certainly dealing with it extremely well. Which means when I write about this, when people listen to this podcast, then they will

think well,

maybe last minute, let’s nip out there. So how can people or Can people still book say your trips like any of the programme trips Or like a private group trip? what’s what’s the criteria going forward? For people who are maybe thinking right, let’s get out there?

Adam Sedgwick 35:07
Yeah, absolutely. So yet Switzerland is open for business as long as you’re able to travel from your own home countries. And my parents arrived last week from from UK. So they’re here for a few weeks. So enjoy it. But yeah, absolutely. We’re up of business. We kind of pride ourselves on delivering kind of customizable or bespoke cycling experiences. So if people get in touch with a harebrained idea, as long as they got the budget, they’re passionate, we’ll make it happen. And otherwise, yeah, we have kind of stock products that we can give, which for as long as we’re able to ride through the countries or the areas that we’re in then absolutely, we’re open for business and

Carlton Reid 35:43
yeah, and when you close the business,

how is that impacted you?

Adam Sedgwick 35:47
It’s impacted hugely. So we had a fall. Not a full calendar but not far off full calendar of different tours Geneva to nice, Zurich to Como, number of other places. And in private and corporate groups, and within the space of two or three weeks, they all cancelled or postponed. So we’re hopeful we’ll come back next year or possibly even later this summer, sort of September time. And we’re hopeful. We don’t know. We’ll see. But yeah, so basically, the income kind of went from that. So, yeah, so we’re pretty flexible at the moment, we’ve got quite

a lot of availability.

Carlton Reid 36:26
So tell us your website where people think right, I’m going to go out there sounds fantastic. Yeah, look at Haut Velo, How do they get in touch with you?

Adam Sedgwick 36:33
So we’re probably more active on sort of Instagram and Facebook but out website is Hautvelo.ch

Carlton Reid 36:39
What does “haut” mean?

Adam Sedgwick 36:42
it’s French for high. So it has a different meaning. So it’s kind of high, high mountain, which route or the hope could be high quality. And so that’s kind of what we thought Haut Velo. seemed quite nice.

Carlton Reid 36:56
Thanks to my guests Christian Paul, Elise Farquett and Adam Sedgewick. You can learn more about the world championships at www.aigle-martigny2020.ch and for staying in Verbier check out www.verbier.ch The Tour des Stations website is

Carlton Reid 37:26

Carlton Reid 37:34
There are a few remaining places available on the 85 kilometre mediafondo though they’re not the 240 kilometre version

Carlton Reid 37:44
of the ride back stats.

Carlton Reid 37:47
I can’t imagine how hard that would be because I did the 84 kilometre 85 kilometre version and that’s that’s

tough enough.

So you can find these links and more on our website

the-spokesman.com Meanwhile,

get out there and ride!

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