The Spokesmen 24 – Interbike 2007

The 24th episode of The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast (the lost episode) included David from The FredCast Cycling Podcast, Carlton Reid from Bike Biz Magazine and, Tim Jackson from Masi Bicycles and The Masi Guy blog, Tim Grahl from The Crooked Cog, and Donna Tocci from Kryptonite

This episode of The Spokesmen was recorded live at Interbike 2007. Our guests included:

  • Fritz from Cyclelicious
  • Byron from Bike Hugger
  • Guitar Ted from Twenty Nine Inches dot com
  • Chipps Singletrack World
  • Brad from Urban Velo
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    1. December 3, 2007

      Hurray! And that looks *great*! I’ll have to watch the whole thing later when I have some time — I’m afraid to get to my part, though. :-!

    2. December 3, 2007

      This is the turning point for what we call “digital media”.

      God help us all.

    3. Rachel J
      December 3, 2007

      Good job, all! It was nice to match people with the usual disembodied voices.

    4. December 4, 2007

      Ok, so I watched the whole thing and I have to say… golly, we looked/ sounded kinda professional! That was cool! When do we get to do another one?

      It was a lot of fun and I had forgotten so much of what was said, so this is great.

      Thanks for getting it posted.

    5. December 4, 2007

      I kinda thought the same thing, Tim. I don’t sound like nearly the idiot I remember feeling like.

    6. December 4, 2007

      Fantastic to see that.
      Great to put faces to voices.
      Oddly, I imagined David would be younger, taller and leaner… And I’m sure there’s a joke about “Faces for Podcasts.” bursting to get out. 😉

      Can’t you just tell which of those on the Vid were British… Yep, the ones without a great suntan. 🙁

    7. fraser
      December 5, 2007

      Very nice.

      If only The Spokesmen had a *real* round table, then poor wee Carlton might have had a proper seat… 🙂

    8. George
      December 6, 2007

      Well done guys and esp David. Excellent show. As previously remarked good to out faces to names. Well worth the wait.

    9. Carlton Reid
      December 9, 2007

      Only those with suntans got seats. I was also marked down for having the smartest shoes.

    10. December 10, 2007

      Carlton, untanned or not… you’re ok with me.

      For the record- I didn’t feel particularly tanned. Travel eats in to my riding in daylight. I’m getting quite the moon tan these days with all the night time trainer riding I’ve been doing.

    11. December 10, 2007

      That was fun to watch. Like Fraser, I was wondering exactly what Carlton did to get stuck behind the couch. I kept expecting him to leap forward or something, which made the whole episode more suspenseful than the average Spokesmen.

      Seriously though, nice job. It was worth the long wait

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