The Spokesmen 77 – Slow Down in Motown

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  1. oboe
    May 6, 2012

    Just wanted to chime in on Byron’s point about bikeshare being “subsidized by the gummit” (to paraphrase). Look, government subsidizes all sorts of public infrastructure. And when that public infrastructure has such positive externalities (reduced congestion, health effects, etc…) it’s just silly to ask, “Why should the government pay for this?”

    Highways don’t “make money”; garbage collection (usually) doesn’t “make money”; municipal swimming pools don’t “make money”.

    To his larger point about whether “gummit involvement” is going to poison bikeshare, I’d say it’s quite possible in conservative municipalities. But those municipalities are just fine with government roads–they only get upset when it’s something that they perceive is for “others”. Liberal areas of the country will likely adopt bikeshare enthusiastically (as they’ve done), conservative areas will decry the end of the world…then quietly adopt bikeshare in a decade or so.

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