The Spokesmen #96 – Meaty Brains

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  1. April 8, 2013

    When USCF engulfed and fragged…. err.. I mean ‘merged’ with NORBA, we were all told that costs would go down. They kept going up and one year I just started doing ONLY unsanctioned races.

    When I decided I wanted to start racing my bike again, I simply looked to non-sanctioned mountain bike events (which most are in CO) and triathlon for my road racing fix. The USAT license is $45 and also covers duathlon, aquathon and Xterra variants.

    Yeah I had to learn to swim beyond just ‘getting back in the boat with my beer’ style swimming – but it beats giving 2x as much just for Road / Mt. Bike disciplines to those corrupt hockey pucks that run USAC.

    We also started an underground race club late last year and (with minimal advertising) were amazed at how many people would show up for the informal events – as well as how consistent the sentiment was towards USAC.

    Let ’em wither and die.

  2. marty
    June 8, 2013

    I have been listening to some of the old podcast.while there are some problems with doppage controls,the riders brought this on think anyone testing positive is innocent is laughable. From lance and even before all the denials have proven to be lies.they deserve no benefit of doubt. Whether or not you agree that certain drugs should be on the the list doesn’t matter.if what tou are taking is on the list it’s your responsibility to keep it out of your body.excuse don’t fly

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