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4 comments to The Spokesmen 76 – iTurd

  • Steve

    An anonymous twitter account as a “spokesman”?

    I would this podcast has officially “jumped the shark”.

  • Question for you, Steve . . . Wouldn’t you agree that the UCI Overlord had intelligent, insightful comments?

  • JRJ

    First, I am a fan of the show, but come on guys.

    As an attorney, it bothers me that the panelists assume Armstrong is guilty then go on to wax philosophical about society’s response to his guilt. I found myself fast forwarding through the podcast. To me, it sounds like you guys have an ax to grind. The long discussion of “what’s wrong with society” that we don’t care that Lance doped, and that money should or should not be an issue as to whether he is prosecuted are distrubing since they assume he is guilty. There appeared to be disappointment in your voices about the grand jury files. There were no charges since there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute. Next, grand jury files should not be disclosed since citizens (read Lance’s) 4th Amendment rights are not protected under grand jury tribunals.

    “he did bad things,” “he did bad things to promote himself,” – are only your opinions. Whether Lance did cheat or not has not, ever, ever been proven. On the contrary, he has never, ever, failed a drug test despite being tested approximately 1000 times. Supposedly there was ONE test that MAY have tested positive, and there were rumors that he paid money to the testing agency that year, but only speculation of guilt and tampering.

    “his teammates agree he doped.” – you are referring ONLY to Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis, both proven dopers and cheats, neither of which have put forth any facts or proof. Andreu?’s wife also testified against Lance, who was proven false in a court of law.

    And as for Floyd, why doesn’t he get similar grief? Not only did he cheat, but he lied many many times, even writing a false book, and taking 2 million from his fans to pay for his defense. Now we are expected to believe his mere accusations that have no proof? No way.

    As for the Bicycling article, I read it when it came out, and neither did it have any facts. It merely discussed his “belief” with only speculation and no facts, that Lance doped.

    Having said the above, it should not be a suprise that one panelist doesn’t get press releases from Lance’s organizations.


    lance’s attornies have been mobilized. you will all suffer excrutiatingly, and don’t be surprised if your e-vites for all the bangin’ livewrong parties are not delivered.
    elvis never did no drugs!

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