The Spokesmen 45 – Fat Helmets

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7 comments to The Spokesmen 45 – Fat Helmets

  • […] Episode 45 of the Spokesmen Round-Table Podcast¬†is now online. […]

  • Paul

    What happened to spokesmen no. 44?

  • It was very cool hearing my name and tip on the show. Thanks Tim, and it’s pronounced gum-eh-sun. But your certainly not the first to slaughter it.

    Fred, my current favorite bike is a MASI Speciale CX. The MASI Guy is a genius! I am constantly getting comments about how great it looks.

    As for Contador going to Garmin, I DO NOT want to see that happen. I really enjoy Garmin’s attitude and work ethics and I don’t feel that Contador is a good fit in either of those areas.

    Thanks, Carl

  • If you listen to the beginning of this episode, you’ll hear me say that Spokesmen 44 is our Interbike Live video episode. We’re waiting for it to be sent to us so that we can upload it.

  • Michael Goodman

    It seemed as though everyone on the show was convinced that a consumer day at interbike in Las Vegas would be a great draw, particularly because of the proximity of Los Angeles. Of course the Los Angeles consumer bicycle show, Bike Expo, put on by Heumann Powered Productions has gone out of business due to lack of interest on the part of the industry and the public as well. And that show was in Los Angeles.

    It was very disappointing to those of us in the Los Angeles area who love cycling that the Expo couldn’t survive even in an area where 10 million people live within easy driving distance of the show.

    Also, anyone who is really a cycling enthusiast can probably find a way to get into interbike, whether it’s through a local shop, a local manufacturer, or even a local advocacy group. Ask around a month or so before interbike and one of your contacts will likely be willing to hook you up with a badge to get into the show.

  • Bike geometry! AHHHHahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Michael –

    Thank you for encouraging people to break the rules at our event! Interbike is a business-to-business event that, while very cool and fun to attend if you are a bike enthusiast, exists to serve the very real business needs of bicycle retailers and manufacturers.

    We will continue to discuss the possibility of having a portion of the show open to the public in the future with the industry. Until then, please respect the members of the trade who are there to conduct business related to their livelihood and don’t put these advocates’ and “friendly” shops’ access in jeopardy by asking them to get you in to the show.


    Rich from Interbike

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